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Kate's mailbox has lots of interesting questions at TGtbT.blogHow to present a store full of… well, LOTS of STUFF. Great question came into my mailbox! And it came another time too!



I have an odd question for you. Me and my assistant can’t seem to agree to people prefer a shop that’s neat and tidy or a Thrift Shop that is full and cluttered? Could you shed some light on the subject? –Kenneth Droneburg   Seton Family Store, Manager, http://www.setoncenterinc.org

Hi Kenneth,
I think it depends


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What makes a good, quick, no-fuss merchandise shot for your social media?

Take a look. (more…)

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Keeping your eyes open while out and about, you can gather some great ideas that would be helpful in your shop… especially

use-every-inch-you-pay-for stratagems!

Here, under a rack of short clothing items, the shopkeepers have gathered a trayful of household items for a clever little display.

Using every inch of your consignment shop space, from TGtbT.com's blog

What’s that down below? I must have it!

Consignment, resale and thrift shops need to maximize the use of their space

Get your copy PDQ

Notice that the merchandise is NOT directly on the floor, where it would look like a mistake. This shop, Bon Bon Vintage, has constructed a platform to use… but you could use a mini-shelf, child’s stool, or even a small pedestal to elevate and highlight a few irresistible goodies!

Gather more ideas in the TGtbT Product, The Essential Guide to Using ALL Your Space.


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Do you swing in your shop? What’s a swing shop? From the TGtbT.com Glossary of Resale Terms:

Swing Shop: An area dedicated to selling time-sensitive featured items. It can be as small as a single rack, or as large as the entire center of your shop. This area will generally have a much higher sales-per-square-foot figure. For more, see pages 20-23 of Shop Sizzle.

There’s swing shops all around us when we (more…)

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Kate once again, out and about, coming across some cool ideas for resale and consignment shops.

This time, it was at a shop on AMI, which Florida-beach lovers will recognize as the initials of Anna Maria Island, and a long-time store, Mister Roberts Resortwear (just the name tells you how long this shop’s been in business…)

Here’s what I snapped a pic of: their screen-door earring display.

Earring display with a twist that cuts down on theft, on the AuntieKate.wordpress.com blog

Well, yes, you’re thinking, but we’ve seen this before, Kate, so what’s the deal? The deal is: these earrings are not easily shoplifted. Look closer:

Auntie Kate shows you how these earrings won't be easily shoplifted.

See? The earring cards aren’t hung on the screening… they’re attached via Swiftach loops to a wire, so snatch-and-grabbers will go home, thankfully, empty-pocketed.

Thanks to Mister Roberts Resortwear for allowing me to share this idea with you. If you’re on AMI, their address is 5330 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach FL (no, they didn’t name he town after Auntie Kate LOL)



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Have you ever tried to put together a great outfit on a mannequin… only to have the belt droop like a over-washed 1980’s sweater?



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Fall is the only season that comes with its own color palette. That makes it super easy to have stunning windows in September, October and November! Some visual treats from our Pinterest:

This idea, one of TGtbT’s most popular pins, is easy to do, and would look just as yummy in a hard-goods shop as in a fashion shop:

Got a chalkboard? Give your clientele a reason to make multiple purchases!

I love graphic displays in upscale shops:

Here are those birch trunks in use, with twigs added with white window markers:

If you doubt your artistic talent, or if you prefer a whimsical look:

And this idea, to lead into your Halloween costume promotion:

Need more on creating luscious displays all year long? The Big Book of Window Displays is here for you.

window-displays-2Affordable, time-effective ways to DIY your own “Windows Worth a Thousand Words.” Read about
* what windows can do for your bottom line
* how to learn (for free!) from the professionals
* ready-made themes for every week of the year
* our famous 77 Suggestions for Super Windows plus Display Ideas from A to Z* …and even where to start if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body!
Includes a 10-point checklist and ideas from shopkeepers like you!


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