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You’ve read about those shops to which I offer Kudos: they’re doing something extraordinarily wonderful. I love sharing these ideas to inspire and you love reading them!

Well, once in a while, I feel the need to share an anti-Kudos situation with you, and so today I present  a screen shot from a shop’s broadcast email. See what you think:

Confusing shoppers is not the best choice for consignment & resale shops, says Auntie Kate

Now, I understand that a shop would request or even require the shopper to “mention this post”. That helps with ascertaining results. I can even occasionally live with (reluctantly, but I’m fighting an uphill battle here) requiring shoppers to do their own math. (But please, don’t make it a habit.)

But seriously, making it so complicated that you have to include “See employees for more detailed info” ?

Really? I need to have a detailed discussion with every individual piece of merchandise I consider buying, just to find out how much it is? I’d be waiting in line to talk to that employee rather than finding yummy things to buy.

Not my idea of a fun way to shop. Would it be yours? So why would you make it an ordeal to patronize your shop?

See more Markdown Madness examples.


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The Bag Sale That Isn't, a blog post from TGtbT.blogA while back, I got an email from a resale shop that intrigued me. It read:

Stuff a Bag!
10 for $25

Bring a bag,
choose 10 select items and pay only


that’s $2.50 an item
blouses, tops, sweaters, cardigans, pants, shoes
(must choose at least 5 items to receive this price)
(anything less will be at regular sale price)

Notice what she’s doing? Making a “bag sale”… that type of sale that really pulls in the bargain-hunters… but actually limiting the deal to 10 items at $2.50 each. That’s better, for your bottom line, than 14 or 18 or 22 items for $25, isn’t it? But it sounds just as tempting to your audience.

With this structure, there’s no deciding what size of bag to give them. They bring their own (which is actually the only part of this “bag” sale that has anything to do with “bag sale”.) And no “your bag is too stuffed” or “It is not!” discussions. Or “roll it up tighter, honey” or “I only want these 3 items, not a whole bagful.”

I think this is a brilliant way to have a clearance of “10 items for $25”, or having a $2.50 rack. Much more eye-catching and fun-sounding. Heck, you don’t even have to pay for bags!

Could TGtbT.com has the resources you need!you use some fresh clearance/ sale ideas in your shop? Check out Bag Sale$, Dollar Rack$ & BOGO Deal$, a Too Good to be Threw Product for the Professional Resaler.

Thanks to Full Figure Fashions for this idea.

PS The reason I’m posting this idea today? I browsed through a sidewalk rack at a consignment shop this afternoon, where the tags had ALL the prices completely blacked out. When I went inside, I had to ask whether the stuff on that rack was free. She snorted and said “there’s a sign on either end of the rack”… but she didn’t get up off her stool to see what my problem was. As I left, I saw that yes, indeed there were 2 3-inch-by-3-inch signs taped on the rack… facing the wall, not the customers.



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Kate helps consignment, resale, and thrift shops succeed

No, Kate’s not a Galactic Roller Derby Queen. Alas.

There’s 2 things that consignment, resale, and thrift shopkeepers know about me (just in case you don’t know me, click here)

One, I insist price tags with printed markdowns are detrimental to your long-range business profit

and Two, I always warn that across-the-board shop-wide markdowns are quite iffy.

But there’s one thing that you may not associate with me, and that’s that

I  want even those who ignore my advice to succeed. Yes, you there, with the price tags with printed markdowns, this idea is specifically for you:

I know, sometimes A: Your shop is simply TOO FULL; B: You might need to goose shoppers to get them buying; and C: It might be fun to reward your shoppers with an unexpected savings event. Therefore, I wanted to share this idea from a consignment peer.

If you need a markdown gimmick, try Take the Next Markdown on the tickets.

Use it as a same-day, one-day incentive on your social media, or announce it late Friday evening for the weekend. Another way to use this idea? As a coupon/ reward voucher “good for the Next Markdown on the ticket, limit 4 items”. *

Would this work for you? It would? You mean you’re actually listening to Auntie Kate for a change? Cooool.


*Why that “limit 4 items”? You’d be amazed how many folks will actually BUY 4 items when they get a voucher/ coupon like that… and if it didn’t say that, they’d stop at one.


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Brake Fast Sale idea from TGtbT.comHow’s about an early-opening sale called the Brake Fast Sale? Serve (more…)

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A shopkeeper asked, the other day, the best way to have a successful end of season sale. I think she was looking for some ideas on what others had done along the lines of bag sales, BOGO events, or dollar racks, but I was struck by (more…)

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