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Shop Local, shop more thoughtfullyIf you’d like to focus your advertising and social media on shopping local during (more…)

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btsblackboardBoy, talk about rushing the season, huh?

The summer sun’s high, you haven’t even been to the lake/ beach/ pool yet, and here Kate is, urging you to get ready for Back to School… yes, even you home goods resalers.

Our feature article on TGtbT.com right now will help you make the most of shoppers’ budgets… for their sakes (Friends Don’t Let Friends Shop Big Boxes) and yours.

PS Need a social media message to get your clientele in the mood for shopping (consigning, selling, donating?) back to school items? HowToConsign.org, our customer blog, has an article you can link to!

Teach your kids how to shop resale

5 Things to do to get your share of this season’s shopping dollars. 



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Moving an Elf on the Shelf around

your resale, thrift or consignment shop during the holidays can be a fun promotion, enhance your shoppers’ exploration of your shop, lead to merriment and make your social media lively, loving… and local.

Along with simply moving the elf, you could


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What do you think of Margie’s outfit, which cost her less than $20?Consignment and thrift shop fashion show


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What customers really care aboutIt’s Customer Service Week October 6-10 (I wonder why their “week” consists of 5 weekdays. Just saying….)

I know my resale, thrift and consignment shopkeepers don’t need to be reminded about customer service and that they practice it no matter what the date... but JUST in case (more…)

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A consignment/ resale/ thrift shop sidewalk sign

Tip o’ the hat to Victor who inspired this!

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Ran across this report recently… interesting way to approach your customer service.


…customers who are extremely satisfied — those who provide the highest rating of overall satisfaction with a company’s products or services — can be classified into two distinct groups: those who are (more…)

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