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Trust is vital to establish, and easily lost… even when it’s not your fault.

Consignment chain makes a big black eye on the entire industry.

The blow-back from the (more…)

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One of the most profitable things you can sell in your shop is jewelry. Why? Well, if you follow the advice in the Manual, the mark-up can be terrific; jewelry takes up little space so your dollars per square foot can reach into the thousands; and because, well because jewelry fits most everyone!

The secret to selling more jewelry? Show it on your social media. Which means taking pictures. Which means

taking really GOOD pictures.

Some tips for getting (more…)

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Is your shop hip to all the goings-on in your community? The concerts, block parties, theater performances, festivals? Maintaining a calendar of such events is a great way to get folks visiting your web site, seeing your branding, feeling connected to your business. And a fun way to get them SHOPPING is called (more…)

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Unused props in your back room can help your social media

Take advantage of your camera to build your social media. Click, to see all the tips TGtbT.com has to make your business be all you dream it can be.

Building a collection of your own photos is a great thing to do. Here’s one Julie snapped, when she bought a truck load of mannequins.

After all, we all have cameras in our pockets (or at least at the counter!) these days.

Imagine how


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What shall I post on my social media today? Auntie Kate has some ideas...Tired of always posting “buy buy buy” messages in your social media? Believe me, your viewers/ followers/ fans are even more tired of reading nothing but these over and over.

Break up your blatant advertising with something social. Like tips, jokes, thoughts.

In fact, rule of thumb is, (more…)

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If you want to use graphics, pictures, clip art in your consignment or resale social media posts, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Here’s several lists of free sources (more…)

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Be yourself on purpose. That's why you should shop consignment and resale, says AiuntieKate.wordpress.comStarting the New Year off right: Most everyone resolves to get organized every year. And as resale shopkeepers, we each resolve to make the coming year better, profit-wise, than the last. Here’s an idea that’s easily done and can suit every type of shop, fromthe most elegant to the most down-home:

Help your customers keep their homes organized and clutter-free.

You can share tips in SO many ways, most of which cost little, ALL of which might motivate both your suppliers and your shoppers to become regulars at your business. You can use short tips in your social media, create graphics to use on Pinterest or Instagram, write blog posts (or start a series of organizing posts called, maybe, Mess-less Mondays?) or even write a booklet to hand out in your shop as a New Year’s gift or gift with purchase. You can even add ongoing tips to your shop’s mobile app or text them out, use tips as a broadcast email, or publish an e-book!

It’s easy… all you need are some tip resources to pick and choose from and an eye towards creating tips which show your shop’s personality and which help your audience to stay clutter-free with the services your shop can provide!

Here’s over 1000 tips, chosen especially for those who love resale and brought to you by the Professional Resale Shop Sponsors of the Resale Shop Directory.


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