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What makes a good, quick, no-fuss merchandise shot for your social media?

Take a look. (more…)

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UnMarketing asked a question on Facebook:

Name a brand that you used to love/hate and now feel the opposite. What happened to change it?

Very astute question, because it forces us into customers’ shoes and helps us examine what builds or destroys satisfaction. Here’s two retailer brand mentions that could apply to our industry: (more…)

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Want viewers to go to your web site?

That’s where they’ll find out what they need to know: where you are, when you’re open, what you carry. If your site’s truly complete, they might even learn when your next event is, they might grab a coupon, they might learn how to consign/ sell/ donate… they might even see (more…)

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Still unconvinced that Pinterest is how to gain attention to your shop?

Here’s how folks found my blog on the web: Pinterest sent

more than FOUR TIMES (more…)

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What kind of Facebook post will get people commenting and sharing?

What kind of Facebook post will get people commenting and sharing?

A question.

A question anyone can answer. Like this one, run by a food site. Last I looked, over 1100 people had chimed in. I mean, everyone wants to share a little anecdote from the past, right? Everyone had to eat things they hated and still hate, and everyone can chime in.

food-q-fb( In case you’re interested, my answer would have been lamb shanks. See, you’re thinking too, and you’d probably have commented on this if you saw it on your Facebook time line.)

Here’s one with over 11,000 shares and 14,000 comments!

Another good Facebook question that will get comments!

(Notice that this graphic has branding…)

Now, what could YOU post that would get mega-comments and shares?

I’d do something that at least kinda connects to the merchandise you sell. If you are a womenswear shop, it might be What was your favorite outfit when you were a kid? (Or if it’s prom time: What color was your prom dress? ) Sell kids’ stuff? Their favorite toy. If you sell home decor, you could ask What do you wish you could have kept from your family home, or What decorating rule from your parents do you still follow? 

So take a few moments and make a simple graphic with your question on it. If you’re a bit leery of whether your question is interesting enough to draw comments, print it out, post it at your sales desk and see how many customers read and verbally answer it!

Yes, it needs to be a graphic, not just a question in your post… you know how pictures draw the eye…

BTW: When you create your graphic for your question, add your shop info to it. No sense getting all that interaction without branding your business name, tag line, and so on. After all, all I remember from that first graphic is that the posting company had something to do with food.

In the comments, why not share a question you think would be most intriguing to YOUR fans and followers?




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Your web site. Your Facebook cover photo. Your blog. Your profile picture, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, business card, media ads, TV commercials, Tshirts, garment tags, trade show, charity auction signage… how many places could YOU put (more…)

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