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You know how TGtbT LOVES promotional events for your shop… especially FUN events that don’t involve taking less for your already-wonderfully-priced goods.

Here’s a simple, timely idea you can put into motion pretty much n the spur of the moment. (Although you’ll get more (more…)

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You know what?

It doesn’t matter if your consignment or resale shop makes a single penny profit

from the sale of Halloween costumes. Kate tells you why 


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There are a zillion reasons why a resale shopkeeper needs to go shopping (tell ’em Kate told you to.)

First of all, to gain inspiration. You can Learn-a-Lot (which is why I use that tag here on the blog.)

Second, to find things your shop needs. (I’ve made you a shopping list.)

And right about now, you especially need to patronize your local thrift and resale shops for things that YOUR customers will need soon. (Like this: )

Buy wedding dresses and dye them black. Witch, Morticia, Frankenstein’s bride, the possibilities are endless. And who wouldn’t love to wear a bridal gown for one night?

More thrifted Halloween ideas here on our Pinterest.

Remember, Halloween is the biggest opportunity your shop has all year to attract, please, and convert non-resale shoppers. Help them become a vampire or a werewolf, and you’ll create raging fans from strangers. Learn how to profit from the holiday with our Halloween PDF!

(And because you’re such a good shopper, we’ll throw in all the Christmas Product for the Professional Resaler tips and tricks with your order. ♥)

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Santa Pumpkin wants to say: Holidays in Resale are great!

Who loves a party? We do!

What gets us in a festive mood?

Decorations, doo-dads, dressing for holidays… the whole, real-life experience of being immersed in the holiday spirit. New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Easter, everyone’s birthday and anniversary and bridal showers and oh my!

Just thinking about a celebration, holiday, party, makes us smile.

And you don’t get that joy shopping at Amazon or any of those online consignment vendors…

So let’s USE the advantage 


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If you’re planning your October promotions, it’s a great month for two things: Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness. Or, as this delightful pumpkin decor suggests, you could combine the two!

Suggestions re Halloween:

Why it’s the most important holiday for resalers

Promote pre-cycling by putting together some of these ideas from your stock  for a whole RACK of eco-friendly costumes. You’re welcome to print this HowToConsign booklet out to have in your shop for customers to read!

Learn to make both Halloween and Christmas money-making seasons in your business

Suggestions re Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

See if you can schedule the mobile mammogram unit in your parking lot. There may be a lot of demand that month, though, so be prepared for some sort of Plan B to benefit your clientele and the less-fortunate in your community.

Bling your Bra is fun, but you need to start working on it now. You can award a prize by getting your customers to vote on their favorites, charging $1 a vote to go to your choice of cancer charity. The winner(s) get shop gift certificates. Google for how others have organized their events fr some great ideas you can adapt.

Collecting bras for the homeless is a simple, reputation-enhancing event. And believe it or not, bras are one of the most-requested clothing items at shelters. Talk to local homeless charities about being a collecting point and find out how they can help you publicize that.



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