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No, it’s not the dead of January or those slooww days in July. The scariest season of all is


Why? Because people love it…. more and more each year.  Because you have like THREE WEEKS or so to make or break (more…)

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Here is the perfect costume for a consignment or resale shopkeeper


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Consignment and resale and thrift shops love discounting… or rather, we are smart enough to know our customers love “outsmarting” us by “finding the deals” in our shops.

And using coupons is one more way we can help our customers feel smart. An X-dollar-off or a percentage off

coupon is a great way to let your shopper feel empowered


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Okay, let’s be honest here… you started reading this because of the (silly, weird, nonsensical) headline, right?

Hot enough to fry a mummy.

What’s a mummy got to do with the weather? Aren’t mummies like, for Halloween?Hot enough to fry a mummy


Which is why this is the PERFECT headline if your shop wants to take advantage of the big Halloween bump in sales.

Give your customers a reason to bring in costumes NOW, not on October 25th. When you want people to do something they wouldn’t normally think of, give them a reason. “Go hide in your closet, where it’s dark and cool, these sultry days”“while you’re there, dig out those past-Halloween costumes, from mummies to princesses”…)

Getting costumes in early is the key to success

the more costumes you have, and the earlier customers see them, the more you will receive.

The more you receive, the more you’ll sell.

The more you have, the more word-of-mouth and traffic you’ll get.

For more business-building ideas, check out How to have a Frightfully Good Halloween and Build your Costume Business Year-Round.

And while you’re at it? Get into YOUR storage area and pull out those pakaways you’ve been saving to jump-start your costume area.


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Since October is the busy month for most consignment, resale and thrift shops, I bet

I know what’s gotten forgotten on your to-do list.

And that is: What will I (more…)

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Stir up profits with Halloween for Resale Shops, a TGtbT.com Product for the Professional Resaler

Stir up profits with Halloween for Resale Shops, a TGtbT.com Product for the Professional Resaler

Consignment, resale, and thrift shopkeepers are often AGHAST when the “real” stores start marketing Halloween in August.

But here’s the consumer news straight from the consumers’ mouths.

Getting MAJOR attention: (more…)

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Kate's got a recipe for your Halloween success

Kate’s got a recipe for your Halloween success

Yesterday here on Auntie Kate the Blog, we had the grand unveiling of the TGtbT.com Pinterest Board,

Halloween in Resale & Consignment.

Lots of visuals there to help your thrift, consignment or resale shop be the hit of the town!

Today, we unveil not ONE but TWO Pinterest Boards over on HowToConsign.com’s Pinterest, that you can direct your viewers to, even if you aren’t a HTC Sponsor. After all, we all deserve some Halloween fun, resale-style!

Costumes from Consignment & Resale Shops

and, for home decorating ideas (hey, I won’t tell if you use them in-shop as well)

Celebrating, Thriftily

which will have holidays added to it (can’t wait for you and your resale shop fans to see the ideas!) as the “buying season” for that holiday approaches, so keep it bookmarked.

Delight and inspire your customers by linking (from your blog, Twitter, or Facebook or in your next broadcast email) to the entire collection of consumer-oriented HTC Pinterest Boards (use the link http://pinterest.com/howtoconsign/ ), an individual board there like http://pinterest.com/howtoconsign/halloween-costumes-from-resale-thrift-finds/, or an individual pin like http://pinterest.com/pin/105834659964264406/

Pat yourself on the back for inspiring resale shops across the continent (if your shop is already a Professional Resaler Sponsor of HTC) or thank a shop who already is a HTC Sponsor (they’d welcome your shop to the Directory, ’cause the more, the merrier for all!)

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