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Does your marketplace include a segment of the local population who disdain to use your consignment services, who feel it is beneaath them to “sell” their “old clothes”? But you suspect they could have wonderful things that your customers would buy, and that disconnect seems insurmountable to you?

If you’re dealing with folks who feel like (more…)

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Your thrift, resale or consignment shop needs some real lifting power.

I’ve seen more wimpy-ass resale shops in my time than any personal trainer has seen saggy butts.

And it’s a shame, really, because our industry lends itself perfectly to having strong, vibrant shops. Shops which offer goods their marketplace wants, in a presentation that makes shoppers feel that they must have that table, tunic, or toy.

And our potential customers are hungry for shops with some (more…)

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Our Kudos award today goes to A Second Thought ReSale Shop, whose “Whatchamacallit Wednesday” features caught my eye. I’m not sure that they still do these (or even if they do it on Wednesday which they totally should), but…

you could have this as a regular feature,

especially if you have (more…)

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How much are they willing to spend in your resale shop? Or, to put it in an actionable way:

What is the price point of your ambience?

As shoppers, (more…)

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When someone walks into your shop, how do you connect with them? It’s not all about #lookatthis and #youcanbuythis and #youmustbuythat, is it? Nope, it’s a conversation…. something social.

So let’s think about getting social electronically. For every #youcanbuythis post, do four social posts. Here’s nine categories of posts you could utilize if you’re afraid you have nothing to say except #youmustbuythat.

Which you totally do. Have lots to say. In fact, I’m guessing (more…)

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Here’s a problem that’s good to have… but it’s still a problem.

A shopowner we’ll call “Overwhelmed” writes:

I’m drowning but in a good way. We have around 1200 active consigners 


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Another great promotional idea from TGtbT.com

Outfit a gregarious staffer in a gorgeous butterfly scarf and set her free at any public gathering to show off her finery… and to hand out “Shed Your Cocoon and BE the beautiful butterfly you want to be when you shop at MyShop!” coupons.

Extra points if her face is painted and if she hands out butterfly stickers to all and sundry.

Need a treasury of promotional ideas to make your shop BE all you dream it CAN be? Get hundreds of resale industry-specific suggestions from TGtbT.com.


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