Dear friends, the time has come. This blog is going into retirement. I’m packing it a suitcase stuffed with ideas for consignment shopkeeping chic on the cheap and resources for resalers and the best tool for your consignment business and sending it off to shop secondhand first.

If you know me in real life, you know I’ve been in this biz for so many years that I am now longing to explore other things on my bucket list. So wish me well, if you will, as I seek out my next passion in life. Thank you all for giving me the time and space to be a part of the wonderful resale world.

But I’m not disappearing. This blog will remain (at least for the time being) as will the website of Too Good to be Threw, plus we will stay internet friends. Follow my next journey on my Facebook page.TGtbT.com wishes you well


Too Good to be Threw Complete Operations Manual from Kate Holmes

Grab yours before they’re all gone! Click here.

Bittersweet moment. I’m just today cutting open the last box of manuals. I’ve been selling (20 different updates!) my complete operations manual for resale & thrift shops for, it seems, my entire life. If you want one, order it before July 18, which is International Resale Day.

You see, I’m retiring.

I’ve always thought of myself as the CEO of the resale industry…. the Chief Encouragement Officer.

My main focus has been encouraging resalers to BE all they dream they CAN be.

I’ve been honored to watch our industry grow from the little mom-and-daughter dream through the mom-and-pop where COUPLES realized could support families with resale, and now the age of venture capitalists betting millions on selling used STUFF

I love resale, the ways we as community-based resalers have created “doing GREAT by actually doing GOOD” businesses: helping the environment, our fellow citizens, and our own careers all at once.

But time moves on and the time has come for me to retire. There are things I need to do, long to do which are NOT resale related.


TGtbT’s Products for the Professional Resaler, from the manual through our specialized PDFs and our mini-Products will remain online thru Intl Resale Day, July 18 if you need anything ; let me know if I can be of assistance to you between now and then.

So I will take my leave of this wonderful industry. Here’s to your journey taking you all to places you have always dreamed of being.
Keep doing GOOD by doing GREAT. And to remember me, go out of your way to lend a hand to those who travel with you and in your footsteps.
Thank you, and Godspeed, Kate Holmes.


If you love sending emails to your consignment, resale or thrift store customers, good for you!

Email tips from TGtbT.com
I compiled a lot of information for a live video show that perhaps you missed. Here’s Continue Reading »

I could wax eloquent about how valuable a blog is to your consignment, thrift, or resale shop… but you already know how great it is to communicate with your customers and potential customers on social media. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, instead of shouting at them across a crowded cocktail party (which is Facebook, Instagram, and the like), you could invite them to join you for a moment on that comfy loveseat over in a quiet corner so your two can talk, really talk? (That’s what a blog is.) And then use that “invite” and that one-on-one talk over and over again Continue Reading »

This doormat photo is an example of linking your images to where you ant them to go.
Great door mat to remind your resale customers that they first found you online (and maybe to inspire them to follow you more closely?) but also …

Can you find your URL?

Want to motivate Facebook check-ins from your customers?

Have you tested that your links GO where you want them to?

And you can even link your images to your URL. Go ahead, try it. Click on that door mat at the beginning of this post. See where I can send you LOL

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