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Your consignment shop staff wants to learn!

They want to learn… and you can learn how to manage staff too! Click for TGtbT’s best advice on that.

Let us all pause here and have a moment of appreciation for the people who work in consignment, resale, and thrift shops.

Not only do they have all the duties of a “real store” employee: helping customers, keeping stock neat, chasing down those dust bunnies and clearing our messy dressing rooms…

…but they also must

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Asking your Facebook followers to “vote”, that is, choose between 2 or maybe 3 choices… is a great way to communicate what you carry and the fun to be had with your merchandise, without being all


about it.

Look for opportunities like this one, which show prom goers enjoying shopping together. Grab a willing model and have her show off several different necklace possibilities:

Which necklace? Let's take a vote.

Which necklace? Let’s take a vote.

or create your own graphic story by dressing a mannequin or making a little home goods vignette. Striped top with this print skirt, or the plain one?  Accent these blue-and-white ginger jars with yellow or with green? 

Be sure to save your photos in a file to reuse in a few months… it’s an easy way to make a post that gets comments in seconds!

Here’s my “unboxing” Facebook Live Video. It’s my first real attempt, and you’ll notice how silly I am. Oh, you didn’t notice where I stumbled, or made errors, or whatever?

That’s what I wanted to show you. That just like in real life, you get caught up in listening and watching, and the everyday goofs we all make, are not the things you particularly see or hear.

Perhaps me, making a silly fool of myself, will inspire YOU to try a live video or two. I hope so!

An organized Auntie KateA free video… (click the link to see. I mean, it’s free. It’s fun. It’s even easy. Maybe it’ll inspire you to make one too!)

Vernalagnia: A romantic mood brought on by Spring. Infect your shoppers.

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Make your Facebook cover photo… be a video! Here’s a consignment/ resale Continue Reading »

If your area doesn’t have a brochure of local resale shops to offer customers, and if you’ve tried to rally your peers to create one without success, Continue Reading »

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