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Resale is like painting...Some of you may know that I am a [very] amateur painter. I’m always looking to learn more about my hobby, to make pictures I am proud of, and to learn what works so my vision becomes reality.

Phil Davies of ArtTutor addresses the artist’s most common shortcomings and I think these points apply to resale as well!

1. Stand or sit further back for most of your drawing/painting time. (In our resale world, that means focus on the BIG picture.)
2. Hold your pencil or brush at the end. (Relax, don’t tense up. After all, it’s only OLD STUFF.)
3. Stick to a very limited number of brushes, pencils and colours. (Learn to do what works REALLY well rather than bouncing all over the place just for novelty.)
4. Give yourself a time limit. ( Set specific dated goals. Example, I want to be making $X by [date.] )

and Phil goes on to say

The fastest way to

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Love your resale shop. You're a amateur!Remember “amo, amat, amas,” the Latin verb “to love” ?

That’s where our word, amateur, comes from:

“he or she who does a thing for the love of it.”

In that respect, you do qualify as amateurs.

And I salute you for it.

You know how you sometimes get whole collections of things in, and you’re at a loss as to how to group lots of little things, how to price, even how to tag? Like this Continue Reading »

One of our members, Tiffany Taylor, is opening soon and would like some input. Here’s what she posted on the NARTS board:

Where do you see the most bang for your buck when it comes to advertising? I know social is huge, but what other channels are working for you? I am biased towards radio because I used to work in it, but the price point is a little steep. Any thoughts and insight would be greatly appreciated. Fingers crossed for opening in the next 30ish days!!”

There were scads of great suggestions from shopkeepers (check them out over in our private Facebook group) and I had some to add as well:

Kate suggests:

I don’t see that you have created Continue Reading »

Santa Pumpkin wants to say: Holidays in Resale are great!

Who loves a party? We do!

What gets us in a festive mood?

Decorations, doo-dads, dressing for holidays… the whole, real-life experience of being immersed in the holiday spirit. New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Easter, everyone’s birthday and anniversary and bridal showers and oh my!

Just thinking about a celebration, holiday, party, makes us smile.

And you don’t get that joy shopping at Amazon or any of those online consignment vendors…

So let’s USE the advantage 

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Mannequin lamp.

Show weird decor items that most people wouldn’t dream of buying? Why not… have fun in your video!

A new way to get customers watching your Facebook Live videos…

combine education, selling…

and a teeny bit of controversy

that will get those comments HUMMING and some conversations going in your social media. Not to mention shares!

Your theme for your next video?

Expand My Horizons.

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Make your merchandise POP
I lovelovelove this merchandise photo.

Why? ‘Cause it’s Continue Reading »

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