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When that lottery prize gets big enough that even people who don’t buy lottery tickets are, and everyone’s talking about it


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Here’s an idea I grabbed while out & about. You can Learn a Lot if you keep (more…)

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Another great promotional idea from TGtbT.com

Outfit a gregarious staffer in a gorgeous butterfly scarf and set her free at any public gathering to show off her finery… and to hand out “Shed Your Cocoon and BE the beautiful butterfly you want to be when you shop at MyShop!” coupons.

Extra points if her face is painted and if she hands out butterfly stickers to all and sundry.

Need a treasury of promotional ideas to make your shop BE all you dream it CAN be? Get hundreds of resale industry-specific suggestions from TGtbT.com.


Photo from here

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Resalers need to be financially and marketing-wise, smart about their in-store promotions.

Giving away small but memorable (more…)

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A rainbow (of color, style, sizes, brands) ending in a pot of gold (value, desire, fashion!)…

the symbol of good luck is synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day.

And of course, the treasure- seeking aspect is what (more…)

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