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Your thrift, resale or consignment shop needs some real lifting power.

I’ve seen more wimpy-ass resale shops in my time than any personal trainer has seen saggy butts.

And it’s a shame, really, because our industry lends itself perfectly to having strong, vibrant shops. Shops which offer goods their marketplace wants, in a presentation that makes shoppers feel that they must have that table, tunic, or toy.

And our potential customers are hungry for shops with some (more…)

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Attention span of a goldfish

Think about our attention span now, 5 years in!

You know what they say about people, now that they spend so much time on the internet:

they have the attention span of a goldfish.

People are easily bored. Even when they want something, they only want it if it’s readily available and completely obvious.

So what to do, when you have a B&M store and you want to entice your customers to become regular visitors and buyers?

You have to make (more…)

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What is branding? It’s “a consistent message aimed at consumers’ emotions” and: “There can be no branding without differentiation, which is the ability to persuade consumers that your [shop] differs from the rest,” according to Entrepreneur magazine.

If that sounds good to you, create a visual and verbal message that makes your shop stand out from local resale stores and even from online options. Design an ambiance that persuades shoppers that yours is the best place to shop.

Perhaps you remember the Earthy Elegant (more…)

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Got big windows that suck up the sun and cause your electric bill to suck up your profits? Here’s an unusual idea that might be just (more…)

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What’s guerilla marketing? According to the dictionary it’s

innovative, unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product.

Sounds like it’s just up the alley for our consignment and resale shops, right? Like these twosigns, stapled to electric poles, for a small gift shop.

Have you seen this shop?

A play on lost pet flyers, right down to the yellow copy paper… and the tear-off strips with the shop’s address!

160511 love me sign 2

Rambling, stream-of-conscious passage here, discussing all the wares the shop had that could help improve the reader’s life… a similar message could work as well, for a blog post or reading matter in the local coffee shop!

Alas, the shop closed in 2012. But the ideas will never die! Read the author’s blog post.

Never encountered the Guerilla Marketing books? Although the originals were written pre-social media, they are still treasure chests of low-cost, quirky, high-word-of-mouth ideas. I highly recommend them to consignment, thrift and resale shops who want to keep their heads above the waters of the Sea of Sameness.


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From the author of The Big Book of Window Displays: The Art & Business of Irresistible Windows comes these examples:

Yes, you want your shop to look festive all the holiday season long. No, you don’t have much time, money, or space.

Well, here’s some inspiration you (with, maybe, a little help from friends & family!) can do in one hour, andleave up from now til 2016…

Christmas tree made of paper doilies

Like trees, but crave some eye-catching color in your display? Washi tape!

Washi tape makes a great Christmas tree for your consignment shop windows

Or maybe a festive valance would suit your shop’s branding better. Try ornaments:

Ornaments hung on ribbons trim your resale shop window quickly, and take up no room!

Or yard-sized candy canes!

Giant candy cane yard ornaments WOW in our consignment shop window

TRULY one-hour (or less!) is my favorite off-the-cuff holiday look. Take a big brush and some water-based paint, and do a big yellow star inspired by this heart.

A big beautiful yellow star will make your consignment shop's holiday window a knock-out!

If you have a steady hand, use this as inspiration for a window pen painting spree. Try three per window, high enough to not obscure your merchandise display:

Paint snowflake ornaments on your resale shop window

If you have a few minutes to spare,  leave tiny doodle messages in the corners of your mirrors throughout your shop:

Paint a little greeting on dressing room mirrors...

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Do you have a row of dressing rooms? How do you communicate which is which to staff and shoppers?

PLEASE tell me you don’t call them 1 and 2 and 3 and so on…

When you COULD be using them as another way to (more…)

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