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Okay, it’s a fact of life that you have to start your Facebook Live before you have a full audience. But geez, do SOMETHING to (more…)

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Wonderful ways to add video to your Facebook page

without it being all “OMG I gotta get a rack ready and I gotta ship things out?” and getting your hair and makeup and nails done. PS Note that these alternative videos are short: so is the attention span of Facebook scrollers so keep that in mind.

If you’re not up to doing a selling video on Facebook to boost recognition of your shop, try something else. Show your shop’s attributes like (more…)

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You know, they say if you can do it… it’s not bragging.

They also say everyone wants to be around a winner.

And they say: To build the reputation of your business, imply community acceptance.

And I say: If you want future fans to be motivated (more…)

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Feeling a little stale with your shop’s live videos? Seeing more and more drop-outs… people who watch for a bit then click away? Noticing that sales of your items are heaviest in the first 5 minutes, then wane as the video goes on… and on…

Well, let’s shake it up!

Offer your watchers something new and different, fun and fresh, exciting and exceptional. Some ideas to get you and your talent (that’s the new word for (more…)

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Resale is like painting...Some of you may know that I am a [very] amateur painter. I’m always looking to learn more about my hobby, to make pictures I am proud of, and to learn what works so my vision becomes reality.

Phil Davies of ArtTutor addresses the artist’s most common shortcomings and I think these points apply to resale as well!

1. Stand or sit further back for most of your drawing/painting time. (In our resale world, that means focus on the BIG picture.)
2. Hold your pencil or brush at the end. (Relax, don’t tense up. After all, it’s only OLD STUFF.)
3. Stick to a very limited number of brushes, pencils and colours. (Learn to do what works REALLY well rather than bouncing all over the place just for novelty.)
4. Give yourself a time limit. ( Set specific dated goals. Example, I want to be making $X by [date.] )

and Phil goes on to say

The fastest way to


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You know how you sometimes get whole collections of things in, and you’re at a loss as to how to group lots of little things, how to price, even how to tag? Like this (more…)

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Loving this time of year. Why?

Switching your consignment shop from summer to fallEven though it’s still one of those dreaded “J” months, it’s now that resale shops have the edge over new-merchandise shops. Read why the NEED season is almost as big a boost to your business as Halloween is.

And while you’re introducing your business (more…)

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