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Do you find yourself saying a tacit “yes’… because you can’t bring yourself to say NO?

Whether it’s declining a mediocre consignment, answering a staffer’s inconvenient request for a schedule change, or committing your business’s resources to an issue or event that doesn’t feel like the right path to take…

Ya gotta learn to say NO. Here’s


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Such a great idea! Let me write that down….

Have you ever had the experience of going over your scribbled notes later, only to wonder what the heck you meant by that? I have.

How to take notes that will actually HELP your resale business

Want to know more about getting the most out of NARTS Conference? Click or tap the notebook!

After all, you don’t want to let a good idea slip away!

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

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Have you stalled on your way to success?
Wish you could feel the wind in your hair again?

Want to develop an instinct for pricing or use TGtbT’s SPAN Plan for arranging your sales floor for maximum income? Maybe you could use 9 “Million Dollar” Ideas and a library full of  industry-specific down-to-earth advice?

If your shop seems to be in neutral, get back on the Road to Success with our Publications for the Professional Resaler.
Stay on the Rad to Success with TGtbT.com's Publications for the Professional Resaler

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There’s nothing to fear about customer complaints in your shop. In fact, if you approach them as 


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Everyone is a winner with this consignment shop idea from TGtbT.comThere’s a “real” shop (you know, one which sells newly-manufactured stuff) that I really like. The owner doesn’t know from social media, she’s literally hidden on a street which is basically an alley, and I’ve never seen an ad for her shop.

But she makes a good go of it in her tiny shop. By making customers feel like they are


And how does she do that? Well, (more…)

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We were talking, over on social media, about creating some sort of client gift that would initiate incoming, and keep incoming coming in season after season.

Ideas ranged from creating labels to (more…)

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An organized Auntie KateA free video… (click the link to see. I mean, it’s free. It’s fun. It’s even easy. Maybe it’ll inspire you to make one too!)

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