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Your back room isn't this bad, is it? says Kate Holmes of TGtbT.comHow many times do you or a staffer touch incoming merchandise?

Ever thought about how much time that takes?

Ever thought about


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The big news? Jeans are out, yoga pants and leggings are in.rEMEMBER fARRAH AND BELL BOTTOMS?

Will your prices on denim… and your prices on lululemon… need to be


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After all, some Auntie Kate messages are, ahem, Too Good to be Threw!

Click the image for more Deja Vuesday posts that are too good to be threw from TGtbT.com

Deja Vuesday

where you can visit a gently-used, blog post in case you missed it the first time. It’s even better the second time around.

Are you targeting your marketing efforts properly? Quality, condition, and stylishness in your incoming makes (more…)

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A thought for all shopkeepers, not just those who have resale or consignment shops. One thing that I love about being in retail is that (more…)

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Post-Christmas promotion for consignment, resale, thrift shopsJust like we suggest to consignment, resale, and thrift shopkeepers that (more…)

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Talking buy-outright (or even consignment) for store credit only amongst some resalers.Wanna listen in?

Do any of you have shops that just offer store credit?? No cash/check payouts?? People usually (more…)

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Click for the mini-tutorial.

If you buy gently-used costume jewelry outright from your suppliers, include in the batch offer, and also save, ALL bits and pieces.

You can (more…)

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