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The NARTS Conference Bus Tour is one of the most popular activities at Conference, and for good reason: you get to see, first-hand, the looks, layout, and operations of local shops, you get to ask nosey questions, and each shop generally has a few goodies for us!

Our third group of shops are all part of NTY Franchise. First up, Clothes Mentor. Their site says “Clothes Mentor pays CASH On-the-Spot or store credit for clothing in sizes 0 to 26 and maternity as well as shoes, handbags and other accessories.”

Click photos to enlarge.

Professionally designed dressing rooms with color-coordinated displays.

Dressing rooms in a typical Clthes Mentor, by TGtbT.com

Here, a first-time seller fills out her info electronically before showing staff her items. Saves staff time and makes the seller feel invested in the relationship from the start.

Preparing to sell her goods to Clothes Mentor. Photo by TGtbT.com

Clothes Mentor offers a variety of resale shops in their franchising. The next bus stop included Children’s Orchard, Device Pitstop, and NTY Clothing Exchange, as well as New Uses, a furniture, home decor, and everything-else-you-can-imagine shop. Barely one step up from the traditional merchandise mix of donation charity shops, I was fascinated by racks of CDs, Big Box “artwork”, and more. My favorite find?

Where else would you find a lamp like this?

Unique lamp at New Uses, as not bought by Kate Holmes... but I wish I had!

It’s the place to go for that electronic device no longer in production, beer steins, colored flood lamps…

Someone somewhere wants this!A treasure trove of stuff you can't resist









They made good use of space with this sturdy double-decker installation (note the cozies covering up sharp tops!)

Great way to show chairs and occasional tables. Photo by TGtbT.com of New Uses shop.s!

I’ve never seen shrink-wrapped mugs and glasses before… but why not?

Keeping individual mugs and glasses with their mates can be challenging. TGtbT.com saw this shrink-wrap solution on the NARTS Bus Tour

For the record, I regret not buying the Bedazzled Tiki lamp.

Buy it today, It may not be here tomorrow: the resale shopkeeper's best advice to shoppers

That’s the end of the official NARTS Conference Bus Tour, but stay tuned for a private tour of a phenomenal shop that has more square footage than there are souls in her town! Subscribe on our sidebar to get email whenever TGtbT.blog adds a new post.

Read Part I of our Bus Tour. And Part II.

Here’s NTY’s web site.

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The next stop on our NARTS Conference Bus Tour was a bonanza of ideas from two shops owned by the same company, Turnstyle.

First, their clothing shop. It’s on the (more…)

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One of the most fun parts of NARTS Conference is always the Resale Bus Tour, where we descend en masse at willing NARTS member shops, poking into back rooms, eating cupcakes, asking questions and shopping!

Come sit on my shoulder while


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TGtbT.com really thinks Conference is a good investment

I’m busy making lists, packing supplies, and practicing my workshop. Gathering resources I think the folks I meet and chat with and eat and drink with might like to have.

Hope you are too!

Don’t forget to check which Products for the Professional Resaler you already have. And download what looks interesting… that way, you’ll have a chance to read it before Conference and, if you need to, ask for clarification or for how you could adapt, say, a promotional idea that catches your eye, or a way of handling clearance sales or using your space better, to your specific shop situation!

PS: If we don’t happen to meet in the course of Thursday, Friday or Saturday, I’ll be in the front of SourceMart on Sunday just for the first hour, from noon to 1pm, signing the Manual. Brings yours if you’d like me to sign it, pick one up if you’ve never treated yourself to this business tool… or just come chat!

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Every Conference that I can attend, we have a TGtbT meetup in the lobby bar on Thursday at 6pm. As we (more…)

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Mentoring someone can help YOU succeed, says Kate Holmes of TGtbT.comA gentle suggestion for those shopkeepers who will be attending NARTS Conference this week: Aim to return home with both a MENTOR and a MENTEE.

One person with whom you have a relationship that will encourage you,

help you make decisions, guide you, share their wisdom and experiences…

and one person for whom you can do the same.

When you meet fellow shopkeepers, explore: are they willing to share their  expertise in a way you can tap, or are they looking to explore your experiences in a way that can help their businesses grow and thrive. Either way, as mentor or mentee,

you will continue learning even long after Conference.

Even if you do not find a given acquaintance to fit either of these categories, chances are that, using this goal, you’ll interact in ways that benefit you both.

And by benefiting you both, you will also be benefiting the industry as a whole. The better we each are at resale, the better reputation the resale industry will have as a whole!

Now THAT’S a goal!

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NARTS Conference is the eagerly-anticipated annual gathering of resale shop owners and managers, but many folks worry if they have to close, they will miss business and offend shoppers. Here’s our Too Good to be Threw Best Advice (more…)

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