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An open love letter from Auntie Kate to all consignment & resale shopkeepers:

KISS your electronic messages.Dear Friends,

Recently, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in social media posts, and even emails, from a variety of shops. And what’s that, you ask of me?

You’re complicating things.

I see (more…)

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Recently, a shopkeeper got the queasies. (She didn’t read one of my recent blog posts, did she?) She asked:

My agreement says things not picked up at the end of the period are mine. But what if someone sees their stuff in my bag sale? Is it okay for me to sell these things?

Other shopkeepers were quick to tell her yes, it was indeed fine to sell out-of-dates (ODs). But she remained unconvinced. This is what Auntie Kate would have said (more…)

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How to get Facebook to give you your life back from TGtbT.comDo you resent the time Facebook gobbles up out of your life? You go to Facebook just to do specific things (post, check messages, participate in a group) and all of a sudden, it’s a half-hour (or an hour!) later and your life has not been enriched in any way?

There’s a solution. (more…)

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Your back room isn't this bad, is it? says Kate Holmes of TGtbT.comHow many times do you or a staffer touch incoming merchandise?

Ever thought about how much time that takes?

Ever thought about


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As this site says:

Look at how people dress, act, and move, and what they carry, NOT their age, sex, or skin color.

Shoplifter signageHow many of those 5 questions did you answer “yes” to? Uh-oh.

Here’s their nifty chart, which you could print out and use as the basis for a staff meeting. Include it in your employee manual as well.

Wondering how shoplifters STILL get away with it, no matter how vigilant you and your helpers are? Read this.

Really? You didn’t click on those links? At least click on this one.

Don’t let all your profits be stolen. You work too hard for that.



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Looking forward to clearing out your racks of winter items this month?

Clearance sales, bag sales, dollar racks (which of course don’t have to be ONE-dollar racks) and BOGO events are great. So’s this idea, which I’d use NOW, before your clearance gets going seriously.

I call it the (more…)

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I don’t have statistics on this, but I strongly suspect that start-up consignment, resale and thrift stores which planned from the beginning to have funds available for support staff, have

fared better, grown faster, and profited sooner

than start-ups which relied solely on the owner working her or his butt off.TGtbT.com says wouldn't it be nice if "working my butt off" was like, for real?

So tell us: did your shop open with just yourself working? Did you feel constrained in your operating hours?

When did you add staff, and what difference did it make in how your business operates and your bottom line?

If you are still, one or more years into your business, working by yourself and/or relying on temporary fill-in help from friends and family, what are your plans for increasing cash flow enough to add a staffer or two or twenty?

Or do you feel that you prefer to be the sole staffer in your shop?

I look forward to your comments!


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