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Yummy baked risotto.

Yummy baked risotto. It ain’t traditional, but it’s quick and easy and infinitely variable.

Traditional risotto calls for standing at the stove stirring for at least half an hour.

Which is the last thing (more…)

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Kudos to Goodwill from TGtbT.comWhat a great way to get your business out into the community! And to make the public aware that (more…)

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UnMarketing asked a question on Facebook:

Name a brand that you used to love/hate and now feel the opposite. What happened to change it?

Very astute question, because it forces us into customers’ shoes and helps us examine what builds or destroys satisfaction. Here’s two retailer brand mentions that could apply to our industry: (more…)

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Bag sale ideas from TGtbT.comBag sale days can be wonderful for you and your clientele… but they can be a logistical nightmare. Lines, lines, everywhere lines…

Bag sales can also mean great income for your shop from scads of items that might have to be otherwise disposed of dumpster-direction. But hey, couldn’t your local charities use that stuff?

Here’s a way to address all 3 issues at one time:

1- Sell (more…)

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What’s guerilla marketing? According to the dictionary it’s

innovative, unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product.

Sounds like it’s just up the alley for our consignment and resale shops, right? Like these two (more…)

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Making the shopping experience an experience in resale and consignment shopsWhile reading the paper about a local shopping district that’s being revitalized, I came across this quote from Samantha David of WS Development:

At the end of the day, people don’t need to go shopping anymore. You go shopping if you want to. If you need to buy a new sofa or a pair of sneakers, you can do it online from your sofa in your house.

The important part of that quote?

You go shopping if you want to.

Ms. David goes on to add:

The burden is much


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If you watch any sort of home show or read fashion or decorating blogs or follow designers on Facebook, you might hear the phrase “pop of color” over and over.

What’s the “pop”?

It’s the unexpected,


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