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 Ah, competition. Educates the public to shop resale. That’s a good thing. Keeps us on our toes. That’s a better thing. Gives us the opportunity to be the first choice for secondhand shopping. That’s the

Best Thing. Here’s 5 ways your consignment shop can become just that:


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Here’s a social media trick that takes 5 minutes and will increase the awareness of your Facebook business page. And that your competitors probably have overlooked.

Add a (more…)

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What is branding? It’s “a consistent message aimed at consumers’ emotions” and: “There can be no branding without differentiation, which is the ability to persuade consumers that your [shop] differs from the rest,” according to Entrepreneur magazine.

If that sounds good to you, create a visual and verbal message that makes your shop stand out from local resale stores and even from online options. Design an ambiance that persuades shoppers that yours is the best place to shop.

Perhaps you remember the Earthy Elegant (more…)

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intimidated or inspired by tgtbtYou learn of, encounter, or even meet and chat face-to-face with a successful resaler.

Doesn’t matter if that person has a consignment, buy-outright, or NFP thrift shop.

Doesn’t even matter if their business


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If your business relies on a steady influx of underloved possessions from consumers…

if, in other words, you are a consignment, resale, or thrift shop,

in a bricks-&-mortar location or online only, what do you anticipate the “death of malls” will do for your business?

The glory days of Eastland Mall, Columbus OH

Lazarus, long gone now, was the anchor store in the two Columbus OH malls where I began my learning curve as a retailer.

Premature obituaries for the shopping mall have been appearing since the late 1990s, but the reality today is


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A thrift and resale alliance has some good ideas for youOne woman has started a “thrift store alliance”… which looks like it could be attracting consignment and resale shops as well… in a Florida county.

Watch the news reel.

Gather some ideas that you may want to try in your marketplace from their Facebook Page which has over 14,000 followers.

Does your area have an alliance of shops? If so, tell us in the comments what your group does and how it helps your shop and the resale industry!

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For many years, Kate has written a monthly column for the resale association’s members-only newsletter. Now, she’s gathered 14 of the most profit-driven columns into a collection for all shopkeepers to enjoy. An excellent business reference, and perfect for staff reading as well.The Best of Growing your Business by Kate Holmes

Growing your Business with Kate

14 articles including:

Twinkle with enthusiasm
It’s a beautiful day: Time to get out and about!
Can you believe she SAID that?
How to give good quotes
That old home-town spirit
A Dozen Ways to Make your Shop Better
You can L.E.A.R.N. from upset customers
What are you trying to say? Tell me loud and clear.
9 Goals worth aiming for
Are you a Habitual Shopkeeper?
Too much of a good thing….can be terrible.
Communications. That’s all there is to say. Or write.
Santa is a Saver: A Guide to Holiday Selling for Resalers
‘Tis the Season…of Giving: Can giving money away be made to pay?

Click to get your copy PDQ: Growing your Business with Kate 14 of the best newsletter articles, downloaded to you Pretty Darn Quick, for just $6.95.



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