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I could wax eloquent about how valuable a blog is to your consignment, thrift, or resale shop… but you already know how great it is to communicate with your customers and potential customers on social media. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, instead of shouting at them across a crowded cocktail party (which is Facebook, Instagram, and the like), you could invite them to join you for a moment on that comfy loveseat over in a quiet corner so your two can talk, really talk? (That’s what a blog is.) And then use that “invite” and that one-on-one talk over and over again (more…)

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This doormat photo is an example of linking your images to where you ant them to go.
Great door mat to remind your resale customers that they first found you online (and maybe to inspire them to follow you more closely?) but also …

Can you find your URL?

Want to motivateĀ Facebook check-ins from your customers?

Have you tested that your links GO where you want them to?

And you can even link your images to your URL. Go ahead, try it. Click on that door mat at the beginning of this post. See where I can send you LOL

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When that lottery prize gets big enough that even people who don’t buy lottery tickets are, and everyone’s talking about it


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Staff. They’ll never do the job like you do it.

And that’s okay.

It might even be better than okay, it may be a revelation.

Now, your job will be


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I’m gonna just put this out there, folks. I know you all like to do one LOOOONG Facebook Live peddling your merchandise. 45- to 70-minute long Facebook live videos seem to be the rage nowadays. But think about it…

is this how your IRL shopper SHOPS?

Of course not. If you required her to sit through a demonstration of the interior of a dozen designer bags, when she’s popped in to see what she can use as a beach coverup…

will she buy that instead of what she is looking for?

So why do loooong live videos with something from every darn department of your shop, and make your viewers suffer through all sorts of sizes when she needs a double or triple 0? Think she’ll enjoy that? Nope,

she’ll click away from your smiling face, much as she loves you.

I’ve done it, you’ve done it. Ain’t got time for this, wish I could see [name of whatever she’s in the market for].

So here’s my suggestion:


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