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Kate's mailbox has lots of interesting questions at TGtbT.blogHow to present a store full of… well, LOTS of STUFF. Great question came into my mailbox! And it came another time too!



I have an odd question for you. Me and my assistant can’t seem to agree to people prefer a shop that’s neat and tidy or a Thrift Shop that is full and cluttered? Could you shed some light on the subject? –Kenneth Droneburg   Seton Family Store, Manager, http://www.setoncenterinc.org

Hi Kenneth,
I think it depends


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Are your regulars, well, not as regular as you’d like?

Could it be they’re passing your shop by when they just “don’t have the time


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What makes a good, quick, no-fuss merchandise shot for your social media?

Take a look. (more…)

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I love snapping quick photos to share with you in my Learn a Lot series. There’s so much imagination out there to inspire us all… but sometimes, even The Resale Guru needs to

take a second look.

I saw this wonderful little swing shop armoire in a vintage market and loved the signage, the tulle on the top of the (really, an old TV armoire….) and the lace and beads to emphasize the merchandise…

A swing shop can be an old armoire in your consignment, resale or thrift shop

More on swing shops and other sizzling ways to enhance your shop: just click or tap!


but it took a closer look at my photos before I noticed the really, really, really good idea (more…)

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Keeping your eyes open while out and about, you can gather some great ideas that would be helpful in your shop… especially

use-every-inch-you-pay-for stratagems!

Here, under a rack of short clothing items, the shopkeepers have gathered a trayful of household items for a clever little display.

Using every inch of your consignment shop space, from TGtbT.com's blog

What’s that down below? I must have it!

Consignment, resale and thrift shops need to maximize the use of their space

Get your copy PDQ

Notice that the merchandise is NOT directly on the floor, where it would look like a mistake. This shop, Bon Bon Vintage, has constructed a platform to use… but you could use a mini-shelf, child’s stool, or even a small pedestal to elevate and highlight a few irresistible goodies!

Gather more ideas in the TGtbT Product, The Essential Guide to Using ALL Your Space.


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Last-minute Chrostmas marketing ideas for resale shopsJust think. Two weeks from today, that entire area in your shop dedicated to Christmas goods, will have a worth of


So you better start marketing all those cute items with all your jolly holly heart


For example:

Christmas stockings: Sell them as gift wrap! Folks can tuck all sorts of gifts inside, add a tag, and done! Cologne, rolled-up scarves, bottle of wine, slippers, and of course toys, candlesticks, and gift certificates can all be presented in those extra stockings languishing on your shelves. Ditto for Christmas tins, boxes, anything that can hold something else.

Figurines: Add an action figure to a Nativity set, and voilà! a gift for a post-modern hipster. Gather a handful of angels into a box (or that Christmas tin!) and sign it: Give your Christmas hostess the perfect hostess with the mostest gift: a Host of Heavenly Angels!

Christmas ornaments: Fill a cylindrical vase, a country basket, or a trifle bowl with a carefully-chosen assortment of balls, and sell the whole set-up for one price. (If you’re working with consignment goods, this may involve fiddling with who-gets-what once sold… but it’s infinitely better than not selling any of them!)

Christmas attire: Mark it down NOW. Every day it sits, the fewer folks might be interested. 75% off your November-set prices may not be too much. Push it as hard as you do seasonal clearance goods: signage, big SALE hang tags, and so on. Keep the rack full and enticing (you know about the Law of Plenitude, of course.)

Here’s more inspiration to help you make good use of those holiday-specific goods:

Are they frustrated enough to gift-shop in your shop yet?

Try to avoid this December 26 task.

Never ever get rid of twinkle lights. Here’s why.


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How do YOU jump-start a new season in your shop?

Some shops do the slip-slide-into-season shuffle: as one season and its merchandise wane, the new season steps up and muscles its way onto the shelves and racks. That’s kinda the way we all shop, so it works.

Some shops have a lovely preview evening event every season where (more…)

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