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There are a zillion reasons why a resale shopkeeper needs to go shopping (tell ’em Kate told you to.)

First of all, to gain inspiration. You can Learn-a-Lot (which is why I use that tag here on the blog.)

Second, to find things your shop needs. (I’ve made you a shopping list.)

And right about now, you especially need to patronize your local thrift and resale shops for things that YOUR customers will need soon. (Like this: )

Buy wedding dresses and dye them black. Witch, Morticia, Frankenstein’s bride, the possibilities are endless. And who wouldn’t love to wear a bridal gown for one night?

More thrifted Halloween ideas here on our Pinterest.

Remember, Halloween is the biggest opportunity your shop has all year to attract, please, and convert non-resale shoppers. Help them become a vampire or a werewolf, and you’ll create raging fans from strangers. Learn how to profit from the holiday with our Halloween PDF!

(And because you’re such a good shopper, we’ll throw in all the Christmas Product for the Professional Resaler tips and tricks with your order. ♥)

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A shopkeeper asks:

Is there a polite way to tell our consignors or sellers that their clothes or decor items are out of date? It seems so rude and blunt.

Auntie Kate answers:

First, you have to delete (more…)

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Where do you find the best information about your resale business?

Well, in our Products for the Professional Resaler, of course. But there’s another source for great ideas you can adapt to your consignment, resale or thrift shop, and that’s (more…)

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If you are a savvy shopper, and know pretty well how much what will sell and how much it will sell for, you can do well in the consignment business.

That’s what one blog says. Alas, this type of info is JUST what some folks (more…)

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Consignment promotion calendarThe best part of a new year, to me, is that fresh, crisp, BLANK calendar. I can’t wait to fill it with family birthdays, anniversaries, outings… and, in the case of my business calendar, the wonderful promotional events I will present to my customers. And those folks who are just dying to BE my customers.

A promotional event is any special happening that is not a normal part of daily business. It could be as simple as an anniversary celebration with refreshments and decorations, or as elaborate as an invitation-only after-hours seminar with speakers, special offerings, and discounts.  — Resale’s Best Promotions, page 5

So grab your calendar and come along with me….

First, mark the “real” holidays, those events that will already be on your target market’s minds. Here’s a nice list to use. Pay close attention to the all-important Monday holidays since you might ant a little something extra on those days.

PS That same link, has “national food holidays”, which would be great, you think, if you ran a restaurant. True, but hey! Who says you can’t promote “Free Gum Drops with every purchase” on February 15, National Gum Drop Day, or offer, “Free, just stop in” peanut butter recipes in a shop-branded brochure during the whole month of November, AKA National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month?

Next, skim through some odd holidays and pencil in on your calendar the ones that might tickle your town’s fancy. Take a look at:

Resale's BEST Promotions from TGtbT.comNow mull over which holidays will make the final cut in your shop. Things to consider? Whether it’s a theme that appeals to you, will be fun for your target customer, and whether it falls at a time of year when you NEED a gimmick. Remember, you can just use that odd day to take a quick shot of some relevant merchandise in your shop (green home decor items for National Pistachio Day or serape striped shirts for Cinco de Maio) to post on social media, without planning anything special in the shop. For other ideas, you might want to go all out.

If you can create a newsworthy happening and get the media there, the publicity will increase public awareness of your event. Be imaginative: for your Evening at the Symphony fundraiser, send out a strolling violinist to serenade the shopping center’s crowds the day
before your event, with a staffer dressed in evening clothes handing out fliers. — Page 25

Next, count backwards to get your time line for decorating, promoting and so on. Check the worksheets in Resale’s BEST Promotions to stay organized.

And don’t forget the after-event promotions that will create wide-spread attention to your shop and drive social media year-round. Find ideas for this in our PDQ.

Happy Whatever Today Is to you!


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Keeping your eyes open while out and about, you can gather some great ideas that would be helpful in your shop… especially

use-every-inch-you-pay-for stratagems!

Here, under a rack of short clothing items, the shopkeepers have gathered a trayful of household items for a clever little display.

Using every inch of your consignment shop space, from TGtbT.com's blog

What’s that down below? I must have it!

Consignment, resale and thrift shops need to maximize the use of their space

Get your copy PDQ

Notice that the merchandise is NOT directly on the floor, where it would look like a mistake. This shop, Bon Bon Vintage, has constructed a platform to use… but you could use a mini-shelf, child’s stool, or even a small pedestal to elevate and highlight a few irresistible goodies!

Gather more ideas in the TGtbT Product, The Essential Guide to Using ALL Your Space.


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The Bag Sale That Isn't, a blog post from TGtbT.blogA while back, I got an email from a resale shop that intrigued me. It read:

Stuff a Bag!
10 for $25

Bring a bag,
choose 10 select items and pay only


that’s $2.50 an item
blouses, tops, sweaters, cardigans, pants, shoes
(must choose at least 5 items to receive this price)
(anything less will be at regular sale price)

Notice what she’s doing? Making a “bag sale”… that type of sale that really pulls in the bargain-hunters… but actually limiting the deal to 10 items at $2.50 each. That’s better, for your bottom line, than 14 or 18 or 22 items for $25, isn’t it? But it sounds just as tempting to your audience.

With this structure, there’s no deciding what size of bag to give them. They bring their own (which is actually the only part of this “bag” sale that has anything to do with “bag sale”.) And no “your bag is too stuffed” or “It is not!” discussions. Or “roll it up tighter, honey” or “I only want these 3 items, not a whole bagful.”

I think this is a brilliant way to have a clearance of “10 items for $25”, or having a $2.50 rack. Much more eye-catching and fun-sounding. Heck, you don’t even have to pay for bags!

Could TGtbT.com has the resources you need!you use some fresh clearance/ sale ideas in your shop? Check out Bag Sale$, Dollar Rack$ & BOGO Deal$, a Too Good to be Threw Product for the Professional Resaler.

Thanks to Full Figure Fashions for this idea.

PS The reason I’m posting this idea today? I browsed through a sidewalk rack at a consignment shop this afternoon, where the tags had ALL the prices completely blacked out. When I went inside, I had to ask whether the stuff on that rack was free. She snorted and said “there’s a sign on either end of the rack”… but she didn’t get up off her stool to see what my problem was. As I left, I saw that yes, indeed there were 2 3-inch-by-3-inch signs taped on the rack… facing the wall, not the customers.



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