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Okay, so you’re up against the Big Guys. Everyone’s out to grab shoppers on the Black Friday, Shop Small Saturday, Cyber Monday (why doesn’t that Sunday gets its own moniker? Dunno.)

So what can your little shop do to get shoppers into YOUR place?

How about something that’s readily available (it’s always a challenge (more…)

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#shopsmall for your consignment or resale shopYesterday, we talked about shopping local as a possibility for (more…)

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Shop Local, shop more thoughtfullyIf you’d like to focus your advertising and social media on shopping local during (more…)

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Not that we wish to rush the season, of course, but

as shopkeepers, we need to get folks thinking about bringing in time-limited goods earlier rather than later. (Don’t you HATE it when (more…)

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btsblackboardBoy, talk about rushing the season, huh?

The summer sun’s high, you haven’t even been to the lake/ beach/ pool yet, and here Kate is, urging you to get ready for Back to School… yes, even you home goods resalers.

Our feature article on TGtbT.com right now will help you make the most of shoppers’ budgets… for their sakes (Friends Don’t Let Friends Shop Big Boxes) and yours.

PS Need a social media message to get your clientele in the mood for shopping (consigning, selling, donating?) back to school items? HowToConsign.org, our customer blog, has an article you can link to!

Teach your kids how to shop resale

5 Things to do to get your share of this season’s shopping dollars. 



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Leap year gives us a February 29 just once every four years.

Leap Day used to mean proposals!Used to be, that was the day women could ask men to marry them. That charming (?) custom has fallen by the wayside, but still, Leap Day is an opportunity to do something fun in your shop that will help you Stand Out from the Crowd.

Subject lines and ads and graphic ideas you


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Thank goodness February has Valentine’s Day in it…another resale-friendly holiday for your customers to celebrate with you!

After all, everyone {hearts} resale, right?

TGtbT.com has lots of ideas o make Valentine's Day a LOVE-ly selling day in your consignment or resale shop!

Decorate your shop inside and out. Need more window display ideas? Look no further than TGtbT.com’s Pinterest collection. This one will light up your heart, or maybe you’re more scrappy? Try this if you have no time to fuss and of course, this is a media-worthy event/ display if you are the go-all-out-for-my-business type.

Cupid Poop giveaway: make them laugh and get your shop talked about. Something they’ll NEVER get at those “new” stores.

Selling your merchandise for Valentine’s Day can be as easy as an All Wrapped Up & Ready to BOW! display or a charming way to showcase your jewelry

You could even, with a click of your computer’s “print” button, create perfect Valentine’s Day gifts out of something that just doesn’t sell.

Auntiekate.wordpress.com found this great PDF to fill those empty picture frames to turn them into perfect Valentine gifts!

Click to get to a free PDF designed for 8×10 frames. Print, fill those empty frames, price ’em to sell!


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