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So MANY choices for simple and effective (that means people will TALK about your windows and take selfies in front of them and bring their guests in just to see!) holiday windows that are easy and inexpensive, I have to divide the inspirational photos I have into three days!

Today, let’s talk Christmas trees as holiday window decor.

A simple floor lamp provides the structure for a plastic hanger Christmas tree!  Add a few big balls, drape a strand of multi-colored lights and a star glued onto the lampshade. Keep the light in Christmas!

Plastic hanger tree for a consignment or resale shop, found by TGtbT.com

Another way to use hangers, especially perfect if you don’t want to waste floor space. This can hang flat against the window glass.

Perfect holiday decor for a consignment or dresale shop says TGtbT.blog

Another “flat” window display, especially good as used here for a tabletop display of home goods, accessories, or anything that looks good highlighted against a white tablecloth.

Paper cutouts are simple and basically FREE, a resale shop's favorite price, says Kate Holmes of TGTbT.com

Tomorrow and the next day, Santa windows and my absolute favorite (they will be yours too, just wait!) seasonal windows. Stay tuned…

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Lots of fun ways to build anticipation

to Christmas in your consignment, resale, thrift shop! Here are some of my found favorites:

I love this one. Imagine it BIG in your window, and the first person in every morning has the honor of snipping off a bit of Santa’s beard (with appropriately decorated special scissors of course) and having their photo posted on your blog or a special Facebook album…

Santa beard as advent calendar as found on TGtbT.com

Here’s a way to get folks in, first thing in the morning: Have a “first stepper” reward!

First person in, gets whatever’s in the (more…)

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You know what?

It doesn’t matter if your consignment or resale shop makes a single penny profit

from the sale of Halloween costumes. Kate tells you why 


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Santa Pumpkin wants to say: Holidays in Resale are great!

Who loves a party? We do!

What gets us in a festive mood?

Decorations, doo-dads, dressing for holidays… the whole, real-life experience of being immersed in the holiday spirit. New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Easter, everyone’s birthday and anniversary and bridal showers and oh my!

Just thinking about a celebration, holiday, party, makes us smile.

And you don’t get that joy shopping at Amazon or any of those online consignment vendors…

So let’s USE the advantage 


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How many of your customers have mothers? Are mothers? Have people on their lives who are like mothers to them?

Changes are, 100%.

But heck, even if your stats are, say, only 86% have/are/love mothers….

that’s a whole lotta folks needing Mother’s Day Gifts Inspirations.

2018: Mother’s Day spending to reach $23.1 billion. According to NRF’s annual survey, 86 percent of Americans will celebrate Mother’s Day this year and spend an average of $180 per person.National Retail Federation

So let’s look at (more…)

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Wow, did you click on today’s post simply BECAUSE of the title? Hmm, lesson learned?

Yup, December 26. In the spirit of naming days in regard to their seasonal consumerism (Black Friday?  Cyber Monday?), December 26 should be The Day of Disappointment.

Some gifts just NEED to be recycled, and that's where TGtbT.com can help

However wonderful your December 25 might have been (hopefully, was!) with family and friends, fellowship and good cheer, wonderful food and drink…. if you didn’t receive what you really wanted chances are, on December 26, you’ll be out seeking that which

you really wanted.

Which is where you, 


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So this is Christmas. Almost. Five things to round out your season with a BANG:


Consignment & resale shop Christmas tipsWhat strikes fear into the heart of every Christmas gifter this week? Stocking stuffers! What do you have loads of? Stocking stuffers! Here’s how to match ’em up quickly.



Consignment & resale shop Christmas tips

Small-town girl? (more…)

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