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In between seasons, your shop can look a little, well, empty. And we can’t have THAT. After all, you don’t want customers asking

“Are you going out of business?”

One solution is to remove racks from the sales floor, but that’s a pain and where will you store them and anyway (more…)

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What do you think of when you think “aisles”?

Definition: A passage between shelves of goods.¬†A longitudinal division of an interior area. A long narrow gap that people can walk along.¬†“There is no sitting allowed in the aisle.”

In other words, some pretty (more…)

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Computers can be a distraction, says http://TGtbT.blogCouldn’t have said it better myself.

A quote that could make all the difference in how you run your business… and how you manage your staff.


Twenty years ago, computers¬†were productivity tools. Now, they’re distraction tools that kill focus, kill creativity, and kill our ability to do good conceptual thinking by providing a never-ending stream of irrelevant interruptions.

When a computer task crosses your mind, add it to a paper “computer to do” list that you keep handy. At defined, scheduled times of day, walk over to your computer and go through your computer to-do list. Treat the computer as a tool that you use consciously, take out, and put back. Don’t use it as a default location to distract your mind and attention.http://www.steverrobbins.com/

(Emphasis mine. That list? The perfect accessory to any consignment, resale, or thrift shopkeeper’s outfit: a clip clothespin with your to-do list dangling from your designer outfit.)

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Tired of the 9-to-5? (or really, the 8 to 11, 7 days a week!) Consider these variations on the resale theme….

Maybe you saw (more…)

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TGtbT.com, the Premier Site for Professional Resalers, has this mission statement.Does your consignment, resale, or thrift shop have a purpose? A mission statement?

If you’re kinda unclear what (more…)

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Consignment shop clutter

Not only did this shop not de-clutter: they immortalized it in a photo of what was probably a very pretty dress!

While writing in my consumer-oriented journal at HowToConsign.com about how to simplify and give yourself breathing space, the thought kept nagging me:

How about the burdensome clutter in our consignment and resale shops? How much (more…)

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“Being the leader” is the hardest part of the job to many, if not most, resale shopkeepers. We may be self-motivating…. but when it comes to motivating others, we have a lot to learn.

But that’s the thing: being a boss is a learn-able skill! I love this break-down of leadership styles. Each of us needs to be each of these, at different times and even, sometimes, with a different support staff.What kind of leader re you in your consignment shop?

Graphic from Billzipponbusiness.com


There are thousands of blogs and web sites about being the best possible leader of your crew; I suggest you start your education with this resale industry-specific Double Product for the Professional Resaler.

Team Work: Staffing your Store from Too Good to be Threw

Resalers' Resource List: Your Employee HandbookTeam Work: Staffing your Store

PLUS Resource List:
Your Employee Manual

DOUBLE Product!




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