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What makes a good, quick, no-fuss merchandise shot for your social media?

Take a look. (more…)

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I just got off the phone with a consultee whose December business was up 30% over last year. Why? Maybe because …

she FINALLY took my suggestion of hand-written thank-you notes

She’d had this suggestion on her to-do list for literally years. When she finally sat down to do it, she took a whole year’s worth of contacts and (more…)

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A community fund!

Beautiful cause, beautiful process to give back… and a beautiful messaging style as well. Kudos to Carousel Kids, a shop I am proud to list on the HowToConsign Resale Shop Directory!

I can hear your mental wheels turning right now, thinking about how your business could tailor this idea to suit your community. This is truly “an idea to inspire“. Let me know when you have it up and running: I LOVE to bestow kudos by the hundreds!



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How do YOU jump-start a new season in your shop?

Some shops do the slip-slide-into-season shuffle: as one season and its merchandise wane, the new season steps up and muscles its way onto the shelves and racks. That’s kinda the way we all shop, so it works.

Some shops have a lovely preview evening event every season where (more…)

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Kate once again, out and about, coming across some cool ideas for resale and consignment shops.

This time, it was at a shop on AMI, which Florida-beach lovers will recognize as the initials of Anna Maria Island, and a long-time store, Mister Roberts Resortwear (just the name tells you how long this shop’s been in business…)

Here’s what I snapped a pic of: their screen-door earring display.

Earring display with a twist that cuts down on theft, on the AuntieKate.wordpress.com blog

Well, yes, you’re thinking, but we’ve seen this before, Kate, so what’s the deal? The deal is: these earrings are not easily shoplifted. Look closer:

Auntie Kate shows you how these earrings won't be easily shoplifted.

See? The earring cards aren’t hung on the screening… they’re attached via Swiftach loops to a wire, so snatch-and-grabbers will go home, thankfully, empty-pocketed.

Thanks to Mister Roberts Resortwear for allowing me to share this idea with you. If you’re on AMI, their address is 5330 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach FL (no, they didn’t name he town after Auntie Kate LOL)



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Facebook cover photos can immediately “place” your shop in viewers’ minds if they’ve already visited or


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I recently read some horrifying statistic about how so many people think that Facebook IS the Internet. Just goes to show how important wise use of Facebook is to your shop’s success. Here’s a few examples I’ve screen-clipped to give you some options!

Jessica may be at the beach or cooking supper, but she assures her shoppers that they can “browse” online. Whether you have a online shop, some great photos on your web site or blog, or simply rely on a Facebook album to present tempting photos of your merchandise, a linked post like this motivates potential shoppers.Fifi's Amelia Island had a smart Facebook post!

Explaining to your FB followers how to increase the posts about you that they see is a tricky business. Here’s what Dazzle had pinned to the top of their page when I visited:

Tell a story to get the point across in Facebook

Go ahead… ASK your followers to interact! 81 people did, in response to this post:

Never hurts to ask your Facebook followers to interact with your page!

And a final suggestion: Tell them that they’ve done good… and they’ll do it again and again. Betty posted this, and in less than an hour, 15 likes! (Tip: The praise COULD be for some action you WANT them to take… if they haven’t actually done it yet. It’s all about expectations, huh?)

Praise your followers for doing good!

What posts increase your shop’s ultimate bottom line the best? Go ahead and share, them in the comments, if you like.




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