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Our Kudos award today goes to A Second Thought ReSale Shop, whose “Whatchamacallit Wednesday” features caught my eye. I’m not sure that they still do these (or even if they do it on Wednesday which they totally should), but…

you could have this as a regular feature,

especially if you have (more…)

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Every business needs a clever, quick tag line… and every resale business could use one that covers both aspects of the shop!

Kudos to St. Vincent de Paul USA for this one!

What’s a tagline you ask? It’s a (more…)

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I am absolutely in LOVE with the way Attic Fanatic in West Columbia SC presented their “week in review.” As you view it, notice how


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Can I take a moment to point out all the wonderful things that Bella Grande has done simply by taking this photo and posting it online?

First, this is a quick way to make a focal point within your shop. Two dress forms, some risers for the accessories, and a 2-way of themed merchandise tempts the browser to stop and look… and buy!

Then the shop (more…)

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You know, they say if you can do it… it’s not bragging.

They also say everyone wants to be around a winner.

And they say: To build the reputation of your business, imply community acceptance.

And I say: If you want future fans to be motivated (more…)

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