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UPDATE 2018: Both the HowToConsign.com website and the related blog, HowToConsign.org, have been mothballed. Feel free to link to the many articles at both sites, but Directory listings are no longer available.


Wow, an avalanche of winning consignment, resale, and thrift stores becoming Sponsors at HowToConsign.com!

Full of industry info, if you aren't on HTC... why not?

10 Best Things to Buy Secondhand

As you know, HowToConsign is the consumer arm of TGtbT.com. It’s a site designed to excite (more…)

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When you have a question about your shop, whose answers do you trust? Who understands the challenges of resale retail? Who can help YOU help YOUR customers in YOUR town?

In other words, who ya gonna call?

(Hint: it does not involve ethereal beings.) (more…)

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Sharon of Little Green Beans in Austin TX entered the Retail Means Jobs video contest mentioned on Auntie Kate the Blog 6 weeks ago , and just got word that her video tour of her resale shop has been

selected in the top 40 of all entries!

We couldn’t (more…)

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After all, some Auntie Kate messages are, ahem, Too Good to be Threw!

Click the image for dozens of free articles from TGtbT.com

Without further ado, for Deja Vuesday today may I present a post that is

even MORE important now than it was a while back:

“How long you been here?”

“How long you been here?” is a question designed to drive any resaler CRAZY. You spend and spend on advertising, signage, bag-stuffers and all that, and still, people don’t seem to know you’re in business and serious about it. Read the whole Deja Vuesday post…

For more posts that are important enough to rate a second showing, that deserve to be recycled. that rate an encore, and so on: The Deja Vuesday posts.

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So you’ve decided that jacket isn’t very useful. Or those jeans, terribly flattering. Or your kids have outgrown those toys and your spouse hates that lamp.

How do you, as a consignment shop owner, a resale proprietor, or a thrift shop manager, recycle your own stuff? Do you take it in to your own shop or do you use another? And which and why?

If a family member across the continent mentions the clear-out-clutter kick she’s on, what do you advise her to do with gently-used, previously-loved items?

HowToConsign.com urges consumers to ReSell...RePlace...ReJoice while recycling

Me, since I buy almost everything used, I often take things to the Goodwill or Habitat ReStore in my neighborhood. Third-hand stuff’s not always very consignable, is it?

Tell us how you ReSell… RePlace… ReJoice!

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Don't you LOVE Jada PInkett Smith? I do!While I have had my head down, working on getting Sharing back up for all our resale and consignment shopkeepers who are missing their daily fix of our discussion board, someone brought me the August issue of Redbook.

Yay! (more…)

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Okay, I showed you some logos that I liked so much I kept them in my reference file. Now, let’s take a look at choosing a logo.

Some logos I rejected, and why:

A logo from scratch: when I was developing (more…)

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