Do you find yourself saying a tacit “yes’… because you can’t bring yourself to say NO?

Whether it’s declining a mediocre consignment, answering a staffer’s inconvenient request for a schedule change, or committing your business’s resources to an issue or event that doesn’t feel like the right path to take…

Ya gotta learn to say NO. Here’s

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Such a great idea! Let me write that down….

Have you ever had the experience of going over your scribbled notes later, only to wonder what the heck you meant by that? I have.

How to take notes that will actually HELP your resale business

Want to know more about getting the most out of NARTS Conference? Click or tap the notebook!

After all, you don’t want to let a good idea slip away!

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

Isn’t this a wonderful motivator and even

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A reader wrote:

Any ideas for display windows with small panes? Sooo hard to create colorful window displays with the checkerboard across both of my front windows. I am also on the inside elbow of an L-shaped plaza. I have to work extra extra hard to be seen in the corner for 6 years. To make it worse, my new neighbor is a womens clothing shop that has SEVEN display windows using jumbo colorful Chinese lanterns for her pop of color, seasonal window displays.

Kate replies:

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Did you get a chance to see me live last week? If not, here’s the “10 Minutes with Kate” show on Keeping Yourself Motivated. “10 Minutes” will appear on Wednesday evenings at 8pm Eastern on the TGtbT Facebook page.
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This situation, sent to Auntie Kate, is challenging. How would you handle it?

Messy buns are cute and au courant. Messy clothes? Never.

Messy buns are cute and au courant. Messy clothes? Never.

I have an employee that is making me so frustrated I can hardly keep from sounding off. She’s been with me for six years, but this problem has been getting worse over the past two years. She’s very dependable, likeable, self-motivated, the customers like her, there are many good qualities about her. However, she comes to work every day looking like a bum. She admittedly shops

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Igibberish tried, really hard, to listen to a live webinar today. But I couldn’t. About the time he said “native app”, I decided

he was talking to his navel.

Not to me.

Honestly, webinars (and live videos and blog posts and even bag-stuffers, for heaven’s sake) exist to communicate… and if your audience has to stop listening to process

WTF you’re talking about

chances are they will tune out , exit the video, unsubscribe or worse.

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