Feeling a little stale with your shop’s live videos? Seeing more and more drop-outs… people who watch for a bit then click away? Noticing that sales of your items are heaviest in the first 5 minutes, then wane as the video goes on… and on…

Well, let’s shake it up!

Offer your watchers something new and different, fun and fresh, exciting and exceptional. Some ideas to get you and your talent (that’s the new word for Continue Reading »

There are a zillion reasons why a resale shopkeeper needs to go shopping (tell ’em Kate told you to.)

First of all, to gain inspiration. You can Learn-a-Lot (which is why I use that tag here on the blog.)

Second, to find things your shop needs. (I’ve made you a shopping list.)

And right about now, you especially need to patronize your local thrift and resale shops for things that YOUR customers will need soon. (Like this: )

Buy wedding dresses and dye them black. Witch, Morticia, Frankenstein’s bride, the possibilities are endless. And who wouldn’t love to wear a bridal gown for one night?

More thrifted Halloween ideas here on our Pinterest.

Remember, Halloween is the biggest opportunity your shop has all year to attract, please, and convert non-resale shoppers. Help them become a vampire or a werewolf, and you’ll create raging fans from strangers. Learn how to profit from the holiday with our Halloween PDF!

(And because you’re such a good shopper, we’ll throw in all the Christmas Product for the Professional Resaler tips and tricks with your order. ♥)

Probably the worst-selling furnishings are those bulky armoires we used to put bulky TVs in.
Seems like everyone wants to get rid of them and no one wants them.

Maybe you could change that up a bit?

I’m adoring this adaptation of a piece. Love how the doors, repurposed into a backdrop, somehow make this look rustic and quaint and Olde-World-y…

Old TV armoire turned into a desirable piece as seen on TGtbT.blog

Here’s how to sell more armoires, faster, and at a better price:

  • Tell ’em! Print out some good photos of repurposed armoires, put them in clear binder sheets, and display on, in, or around any armoires you have. Have handy any tutorials on Youtube you can find to share with your clientele.


Before-&-after shots help potential buyers see... the potential... in an old armoire. Check out TGtbT's Pinterest Boards for more ideas.

Before-&-after shots help potential buyers see… the potential… in an old armoire. Check out TGtbT’s Pinterest Boards for more ideas.


More on armoires here on our blog (I’m particularly fond of the Weird-&-Wonderful armoire. But maybe that’s just because I like to think of myself as Weird-&-Wonderful.)

What uses have you seen for old armoires? Tell us in the comments!

Resale is like painting...Some of you may know that I am a [very] amateur painter. I’m always looking to learn more about my hobby, to make pictures I am proud of, and to learn what works so my vision becomes reality.

Phil Davies of ArtTutor addresses the artist’s most common shortcomings and I think these points apply to resale as well!

1. Stand or sit further back for most of your drawing/painting time. (In our resale world, that means focus on the BIG picture.)
2. Hold your pencil or brush at the end. (Relax, don’t tense up. After all, it’s only OLD STUFF.)
3. Stick to a very limited number of brushes, pencils and colours. (Learn to do what works REALLY well rather than bouncing all over the place just for novelty.)
4. Give yourself a time limit. ( Set specific dated goals. Example, I want to be making $X by [date.] )

and Phil goes on to say

The fastest way to

Continue Reading »

Love your resale shop. You're a amateur!Remember “amo, amat, amas,” the Latin verb “to love” ?

That’s where our word, amateur, comes from:

“he or she who does a thing for the love of it.”

In that respect, you do qualify as amateurs.

And I salute you for it.

You know how you sometimes get whole collections of things in, and you’re at a loss as to how to group lots of little things, how to price, even how to tag? Like this Continue Reading »

One of our members, Tiffany Taylor, is opening soon and would like some input. Here’s what she posted on the NARTS board:

Where do you see the most bang for your buck when it comes to advertising? I know social is huge, but what other channels are working for you? I am biased towards radio because I used to work in it, but the price point is a little steep. Any thoughts and insight would be greatly appreciated. Fingers crossed for opening in the next 30ish days!!”

There were scads of great suggestions from shopkeepers (check them out over in our private Facebook group) and I had some to add as well:

Kate suggests:

I don’t see that you have created Continue Reading »

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