This week, some tips about getting ready for NARTS Conference 2019. If you can’t make it to Conference, this week’s blog posts will still be useful in your everyday business life, so stay tuned!

As you pack for Conference, take a moment to imagine yourself on the way home! Here are some tips to make your trip home as easy as the trip to Conference:Conference packing from Kate Holmes of TGtbT.com

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This week, some tips about getting ready for NARTS Conference 2019. If you can’t make it to Conference, this week’s blog posts will still be useful in your everyday business life, so stay tuned!

Conference Introduction Tips from TGtbT.com

Looking forward to meeting new friends at Conference? Anticipate making some industry connections for having new “long-distance buddies” to share ideas with and increasing future business and profits?

It all starts with good introductions!

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The old adage is

People don’t want fertilizer, they want green lawns

Wake up and figure out what your consignment or resale customer REALLY wantsis nowhere truer than in consignment and resale shops.

After all, do you REALLY think that customer is in your shop browsing because she woke up this morning and thought Boy I just gotta have me some used stuff and right NOW?

No. Your clients, both shoppers and suppliers, have a problem that they are

willing to pay you money to solve.

Not only

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Ran across this PRIMO gathering of 31 ideas for social media posts that you could print out and use for planning every month.

Just think of the time you’ll save this way!

No wondering what to post, whether you have been doing too many of 1 or 4 or 16… and an opportunity to gather future material (such as “fun facts”) in groups, to save future time! This graphic and the list below, from Erica Lerman. Her focus customer is not at all like ours, but the advice is right on!

P.S. Notice that “discount or promotion” is a ONCE-A-MONTH suggestion. Just sayin’. Listen to Erica if you don’t listen to your Auntie Ktate.


Great suggestion from Erica Lerman as selected by Kate Holmes of TGtbT.com

Click for a larger version that you can print out.

If you’d rather save the list and use a spread sheet to track your online messages and which channel you have used them on, here’s the list in text:

  1. Discount or promotion
  2. Ask a question to your audience
  3. Inspirational quote
  4. Share what you are reading right now
  5. Share a tip or trick
  6. A day in the life post
  7. Testimonial quote
  8. Answer a customer’s question
  9. Highlight a new product or service
  10. Infographic
  11. Long post or story
  12. Share a free resource
  13. Contest or giveaway
  14. Breaking news
  15. Behind the scenes photo
  16. Take a poll
  17. Highlight a biz-friend’s social media page
  18. Quick video training
  19. Fun fact
  20. Industry article
  21. Comic or meme
  22. Share an eye catching photo
  23. Holiday post
  24. Share an interesting statistic
  25. This or that question to get follower’s input
  26. Recommend a helpful tool
  27. Weekly round up of interesting articles
  28. Share a fan photo
  29. An ICYMI post
  30. Product pic
  31. Thank your fans

Does your marketplace include a segment of the local population who disdain to use your consignment services, who feel it is beneaath them to “sell” their “old clothes”? But you suspect they could have wonderful things that your customers would buy, and that disconnect seems insurmountable to you?

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Your thrift, resale or consignment shop needs some real lifting power.

I’ve seen more wimpy-ass resale shops in my time than any personal trainer has seen saggy butts.

And it’s a shame, really, because our industry lends itself perfectly to having strong, vibrant shops. Shops which offer goods their marketplace wants, in a presentation that makes shoppers feel that they must have that table, tunic, or toy.

And our potential customers are hungry for shops with some Continue Reading »

Our Kudos award today goes to A Second Thought ReSale Shop, whose “Whatchamacallit Wednesday” features caught my eye. I’m not sure that they still do these (or even if they do it on Wednesday which they totally should), but…

you could have this as a regular feature,

especially if you have Continue Reading »

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