Videos are a great way to promote your business, and can be used over and over again, anywhere from TV commercials to social media nudges. Producing a professional video is a wise investment, but deciding on a script is an important decision best NOT left to the videographer. Here’s some great Continue Reading »

Tired of the 9-to-5? (or really, the 8 to 11, 7 days a week!) Consider these variations on the resale theme….

Maybe you saw Continue Reading »

Resale promo ideas to keep you from being an April Fool!Well, tomorrow’s April Fools Day, and you’d be a fool not to have a few promotions scheduled for the upcoming month. Some ideas:

The first week is National Continue Reading »

An easy way to create a Facebook video for your consignment or resale shop Facebook page.

If you DO want to produce a video, click for TGtbT.com’s best advice.

Facebook loves videos, huh? But you have all you can do to keep your consignment or resale shop Facebook page going, without becoming a movie producer, am I right?

Guess what? There’s a down-and-dirty way to fool Facebook into thinking you posted a video and getting all that lovely attention… and Continue Reading »

Look closely at this photo. Pretty good disguise, huh?

This shop built a wall, creating much-needed storage space, without a carpenter and without cost. Simply by Continue Reading »

It’s funny, how a simple email subject line can make you feel really, well, Continue Reading »

Continue Reading »

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