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Kate's mailbox has lots of interesting questions at TGtbT.blogHow to present a store full of… well, LOTS of STUFF. Great question came into my mailbox! And it came another time too!



I have an odd question for you. Me and my assistant can’t seem to agree to people prefer a shop that’s neat and tidy or a Thrift Shop that is full and cluttered? Could you shed some light on the subject? –Kenneth Droneburg   Seton Family Store, Manager, http://www.setoncenterinc.org

Hi Kenneth,
I think it depends

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The Business of Consignment, Running a Resale Shop, Thrift Store How-to’s

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Found in the field (at Bon Bon Vintage, Sarasota):

Polite signage in a resale shop, found by Auntie Kate of TGtbT.blog

A grocer put up a sign that read “Eggplants, 25¢ each — three for a dollar.”

How to sell. Not just eggplants, says TGtbT.blogAll day long, Continue Reading »

I want to be your friend, so tell me how, says TGtbT.blog… so tell me stuff I need to know to not be

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1701xx-malloreigh_wearing_boxing_glovesGive your best consignors a punch…

a punch card that is!

Sonya Nix of Better Than Before Consignments mentioned in a private forum that once, she gave Continue Reading »

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