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Resale shop coupon in Welcome Baby Basket at TGtbT.comJudy asked: I have just contacted our community’s chamber of commerce with the idea of including a $5 Gift Certificate to my store for the “Welcome Baskets” which are given to Moms in our hospital –about 25 baskets every couple of weeks.

Does this make sense as a


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Everyone is a winner with this consignment shop idea from TGtbT.comThere’s a “real” shop (you know, one which sells newly-manufactured stuff) that I really like. The owner doesn’t know from social media, she’s literally hidden on a street which is basically an alley, and I’ve never seen an ad for her shop.

But she makes a good go of it in her tiny shop. By making customers feel like they are


And how does she do that? Well, every time you come in, she asks you to add your name and phone number to her fishbowl. You could win twenty bucks store money! she says. So of course, I do. Every time.

Then what happens?

I win! Yes, I get a phone call from the shop, saying my name’s been drawn this week, and stop by soon to get your $20 store money!

So of course I do.

But you know her secret? She pulls multiple winners and phones them, whenever she needs some more traffic. I know because both my sister and myself have “won” multiple times.

Why not? It works. In fact, it works so well that I don’t even remember if the deal is $20 off a minimum $50 purchase, or off $100… because I always spend more than I would otherwise. After all, she’s made me a winner!

For more on the magical use of fishbowls, see this post.

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Asking your community to #shoplocal is not enough. You need to show them What’s in It for Me?

Tell them WHY shopping local is good for THEM, says TGtbT.com

They don’t care that you’re the “lifeblood of our community”. They’re looking for the why’s, the how-come’s, what they will get out of shopping local.

Why are you asking your community to #shoplocal? Here’s a dozen reasons, designed to (more…)

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Gathering up your consignment shop figures: PayPalIf you, like me, are starting to collect up all those facts and figures for your tax filing, here’s a simple way to get the annual totals of the amounts you collected, refunds you sent, and payment fees from your interactions with PayPal.

Bookmark this! It’s IMPOSSIBLE to find on PP (could it be they’re afraid you’ll freak?) and it’s


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Still think Facebook and Google are the end-all and be-all?

What social media gets

Learn more about using Pinterest to build traffic to your shop web site (and dollars to your bottom line in your consignment, resale or thrift shop) on my Pinterest board and the posts about Pinterest here on Auntie Kate’s blog!

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Why are we resalers such a tight bunch?

Well sure, we believe in the sanctity of a bargain, and nothing delights us more than beating the trash pick-up guys to a terrific display piece sitting out on someone’s curb (I once rescued a no-seat rattan princess chair that became my favorite window prop for years!) or finding a store going out of business with hangers for a penny apiece. And yes, most of us opened our shops on a shoestring and are leery of overspending.

But darn it all, there are some little splurges that could make a big difference in your shop’s public image.

Resalers: Splurge on your Shop, says Auntie Kate of TGtbT.com

How about fresh size rings? Wouldn’t it be nice if they all matched, if we didn’t have to alter them with a black marker, if we could toss the yellowed ones? And after all, they are not very expensive.

Proper hangers go a long way to making our gently-used good clothes look almost new. Foam hanger covers save garments from stretching or falling on the floor, and both these items make our customer’s browse through our racks a more pleasant experience.

Fresh, sharp tagging needles and loop attachers for handbags and belts and other difficult-to-tag items make tagging go smoother. Why frustrate yourself daily rather than spend some money here?

I was in a shop recently where all the employees’ coffee mugs matched, and were various vivid shades. If you’re going to drink coffee on the sales floor, might as well do it in style.

Another shop, which I know makes good money, was years past the point where the carpeting should have been replaced. Not a cheap splurge, but I couldn’t help but imagine how much classier the shop would have been without the stained, worn carpet it now has. Chances are it would look so good that she could raise her prices a dollar or two per item and make back the cost of the carpeting within a month or two. Yes, the look of your store can make a difference in the prices your customers are willing to pay.

And being a cheapskate can cost you dollars.

I guess that’s the point. A little money spent on image can mean a lot more money in your pocket. So reprint new business cards and toss those old ones that you have to manually alter to show your new hours, paint those dressing rooms, replace those liquor boxes you store incoming merchandise in with fresh laundry baskets. Are you worth a bigger splurge? How about replacing the scratched glass on your showcases or that banged-up outdated mannequin with something more upscale? Getting rid of those wood clothing rods your spouse installed before you opened eight years ago, and installing an adjustable system that you can double-hang tops on?

Are you putting up with… or worse, ignoring… that amateur web site that introduces your shop to new folks? Splurge on a site you will be proud to send people to from your social media messages. One that reflects how polished and professional your shop truly is.

Spend your money where it will save you time, too. If your vacuum is so old and tired that vacuuming takes hours, would a newer unit give you back some of that time? Do you not clean your windows often enough for lack of time, when a window-washing company will keep your image bright and polished for a pittance?

Splurge a little. You’re worth it. And your bank balance will be worth more when sales rise because you finally have enough time to spend out on your crisp, clean, efficient sales floor interacting with your impressed-by-your-image customers…

which is where you belong.

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“Shop with Google open on your phone.”

Do your resale shoppers look everything up on Google before they buy? TGtbT.com suggests ways to be so remarkable, they won't.That’s the advice in a video I just watched called “How to Consignment Shop.” The young lady insisted that it was crucial to check prices so “I’m not getting ripped off.” She even went so far as to (more…)

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