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A super-smart promo: Boo Bucks!One of my West Coast buddies, Linda of Periwinkle’s, had a fun promotion in October. Definitely something for


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Consignment and resale and thrift shops love discounting… or rather, we are smart enough to know our customers love “outsmarting” us by “finding the deals” in our shops.

And using coupons is one more way we can help our customers feel smart. An X-dollar-off or a percentage off

coupon is a great way to let your shopper feel empowered


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I have, in my car, a 4″ high pile of coupons to Bed Bath & Beyond. I’m guessing you do too.

Must you mark up to mark down, ponders Auntie Kate of TGtbT.comAfter all, they’re (more…)

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Clever coupon idea from a consignment shopNow here’s not only a clever coupon for your resale shop… it’s the ideal way to

get your e-mail list folks actually opening and reading your broadcast email.

The end of this newsletter, full of great photos of incoming merchandise, jewelry selection, and special handbags, was a coupon saying:

15 % Off Any Item Pictured in this Newsletter
(Items subject to prior sale/ Offer expires [date])

Our thanks to Classic Collections in Palm Beach FL for this terrific idea. You remember her shop from the NARTS Bus Tour a few years back… the one with the $35,000 handbag (resale price!)


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Which would you rather have, a percentage... or a dollar?Which would make YOU feel good about your favorite shop:

Being able to draw a percentage-off discount when (more…)

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Do you have “be back” days? You know, those days when you have plenty of browsers, but few buyers?Be Back Coupons can save a sale... or make WOM buzz!

An acquaintance, with a browse-worthy shop in a tourist destination, said (more…)

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Just a jot: If you don’t check in at TGtbT.com often, you may have missed our latest article:

My Living Social Experience

by long-time friend (more…)

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