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Resale, consignment, thrift jeans: Better by FAR!!!!It was bad enough when women’s jeans were sized in junior or missy sizes.

But adding the waist measurement, as they did a few years back? Madness.

Not to mention (more…)

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ghost toen in your shop? Auntie Kate has some suggestionsNo customers? You’ve vacuumed and waxed the rods and are bored silly? Feel like you’re in a ghost town?

Here’s a suggestion: Learn how to claim your on-line listings. Take your time and do it right.

One thing they forgot, for us entrepreneurs: Make sure that your profile page on Facebook shows your business page. (And make sure that that link actually GOES there.)

Extra credit. For more ideas of what to do when, seemingly, there’s nothing to do:

Rather than stare out the window and worry that everyone’s forgotten you….

Learn to link to get more traffic. (And if you’re embarrassed that you aren’t QUITE sure how to find your own URLs, read this.)

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A shopkeeper asked, the other day, the best way to have a successful end of season sale. I think she was looking for some ideas on what others had done along the lines of bag sales, BOGO events, or dollar racks, but I was struck by (more…)

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If you’re less than confident about the look and appeal  of your shop, get out and about.

You can learn a lot from some flea market vendors.


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Your back room isn't this bad, is it? says Kate Holmes of TGtbT.comHow many times do you or a staffer touch incoming merchandise?

Ever thought about how much time that takes?

Ever thought about


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Edit your photos in your phone to use in Constant Contact

Phones are handy in your shop for taking quick snaps of merchandise… but are those photos turning out as wondrous as you would like?

Here’s a great article on taking better phone shots.

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151106 digital overloadDoes this sound like you… or your staff?

when we’re tempted to procrastinate, diversions are only a click away… knowledge workers in the United States waste 25% of their time dealing with their huge and growing data streams, costing the economy $997 billion annually.

If so, this Harvard Business Review article may motivate you to re-think that “always-on” Internet connection in your shop’s workstations.

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