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Websites. Ugh.No heavy lifting involved with these tips from TGtbT.blog

Is that your reaction? I’m betting it’s because of

  • The expense, time, and communications problems with your website expert.
  • The amateur look of so many of those “instant website” programs.
  • The difficulties of constantly getting your webmaster to update stuff.

Guess what? There’s a simple solution with no heavy lifting involved. You can do it, and keep it updated, yourself. If you can construct a display window, you can display your business in your space, for your benefit, without following Facebook or Instagram or anyone else’s “rules.”

Example: (more…)

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If you’ve run out of ideas about telling your customers how wonderful resale is for the holidays, here’s 50 angles you could use:

50 Days & 50 Ways to Have a Merry Recycled Holiday

Keep the LIGHT in Christmas by celbrating the resale way | TGtbT.comIt’s a blog written directly for the public, with all the ways to use resale shopping to have an eco-friendly celebration. This link takes you to the start page of the blog, and from there you can explore:

Day-by-day: Use the calendar to click on each day… there’s one post per day.

By topic: there’s 5 categories to choose from just below that calendar.

Check it out,  and feel free to link to any of the 50 resale-centric, consumer-angled posts there!

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Bummer, right? No matter how cute and interesting and vital your page is, very few of those who follow you will ever be offered the choice to read it. Is there a solution? YES. (Well, MAYBE. Read on…)  (more…)

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Resale, consignment, thrift jeans: Better by FAR!!!!It was bad enough when women’s jeans were sized in junior or missy sizes.

But adding the waist measurement, as they did a few years back? Madness.

Not to mentionthe variety of fit between manufacturers. And we ALL know that of all clothing, fit is the most important in denim. And that of all gently-used things to buy… jeans are the BEST.

So how’s a resale shopkeeper supposed to size her racks?

Jeans size markers at Found in CanadaDare you sort your sizing by XS/S/M/L/XL? I would, but some shopkeepers get intimidated by shoppers with “size prejudice”… you know, those customers who insist they are always a 00 and are offended that you include 0 in your XS section.

If that’s an issue with your staff you might want to do as Karin Smith of Found in Canada does: get out your Sharpie and make yourself some “equivalent” markers, so at least you can put the waist/size under one marker.

Need some size charts?

Here’s Miss Me.

And Gap.

And Levis.

EVERYone's confused!

EVERYone’s confused. And all they want is a pair or 3 of jeans that make them look fabulous…


It might be wise… or at least sophisticated… to have a framed equivalency chart for European sizing as well.


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ghost toen in your shop? Auntie Kate has some suggestionsNo customers? You’ve vacuumed and waxed the rods and are bored silly? Feel like you’re in a ghost town?

Here’s a suggestion: Learn how to claim your on-line listings. Take your time and do it right.

One thing they forgot, for us entrepreneurs: Make sure that your profile page on Facebook shows your business page. (And make sure that that link actually GOES there.)

Extra credit. For more ideas of what to do when, seemingly, there’s nothing to do:

Rather than stare out the window and worry that everyone’s forgotten you….

Learn to link to get more traffic. (And if you’re embarrassed that you aren’t QUITE sure how to find your own URLs, read this.)

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