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160427 television pixabay… but were embarrassed to ask?  I know the feeling.

In this day and age, it’s downright laughable to not know how to shut your ringing iPhone off. Geez Louise, it isn’t even on, so why is it ringing?

I mean, there are things that everyone else seems to know. Where can I find answers (more…)

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I don’t have statistics on this, but I strongly suspect that start-up consignment, resale and thrift stores which planned from the beginning to have funds available for support staff, have

fared better, grown faster, and profited sooner

than start-ups which relied solely on the owner working her or his butt off.TGtbT.com says wouldn't it be nice if "working my butt off" was like, for real?

So tell us: did your shop open with just yourself working? Did you feel constrained in your operating hours?

When did you add staff, and what difference did it make in how your business operates and your bottom line?

If you are still, one or more years into your business, working by yourself and/or relying on temporary fill-in help from friends and family, what are your plans for increasing cash flow enough to add a staffer or two or twenty?

Or do you feel that you prefer to be the sole staffer in your shop?

I look forward to your comments!


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You know those folks who keep saying I really should clean out my closets and bring stuff in… ?

Well, here’s the perfect present to give them, that will get them actually doing so!

Many thanks to Dwight & Tara Lucky of Dazzle in Hayden ID, who allowed us to share this tidbit from their e-newsletter:

A consignment shop idea from the TGtbT.com blogDo you do something similar in your shop? Tell us about it, in the comments below!



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I was early this Saturday for a meeting, and decided to stop by a small consignment shop I’d visited before.

Theda Bara would have been the ideal consignment shop shopper!

Theda Bara, shown here in 1917, would have loved to see your Weird & Wonderful shop racks!

It’s a perfectly-fine shop, and I’ve bought here before, so I thought I might find a treasure or two.

What I found?


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I’m not easily freaked out, at least I don’t think I am. But some sights in resale and consignment shops make me shiver… or at least, look in another direction while swallowing hard.

First up, dress forms that imply someone’s been beheaded.
Decapitated children: Things that Freak Me Out by TGtbT/com's Kate Holmes

I’m okay with headless forms, even headless mannequins… but plop a hat on that neckblock or even worse, a big blood red blossom, and I can’t help think “gory movie” or “alien with tentacles instead of a face.” It’s probably just me.

Along the same lines, mannequins missing arms, hands, fingers.
Mannequins missing limbs don't do your consignment or resale image a lot of good, says TGtbT.com

War injuries? Amputation based on too-enthusiastic Black Friday early-bird shopping? Or just a “our merchandise doesn’t deserve a nice display”-itis?

Bins of hangers all tangled. I envision $15 an hour employees leisurely unraveling the mess, one hanger at at time.

Seriously, Kate of TGtbT.com has recurring nightmares about having to untangle hangers.

I spent far too many years of my life in a half-crotch, untangling the boogers. Use a hanger stacker, I want to scream!

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I’ve been trying to keep an open mind. I’ve been trying to rise above it. Heck, I’ve even tried minding my own business!

But the almost-industry-wide practice of charging (more…)

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