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When that lottery prize gets big enough that even people who don’t buy lottery tickets are, and everyone’s talking about it


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In Case You Missed It…. ICYMI, we ran a series of Facebook posts yesterday to gather resources to help you make your website be a major part of your online presence. After all, your consignment, resale or thrift shop deserves every ounce of attention it can get, right?

In case you missed our day-long “webinar” or if you (more…)

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We all understand that we can’t be stingy paying our staff (after all, as consignment and resale shops, we require our staff not just to sell, but to manage and monitor incoming merchandise too). We know that skimping on rent is a false economy (if they can’t see us they can’t shop us). And saving a few bucks by using copyrighted pictures without paying for them? That watermark from the owner shows potential shoppers that your company might have some ethical challenges that they would do well to steer clear of.

All of these are times when being cheap is (more…)

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Here’s an idea I grabbed while out & about. You can Learn a Lot if you keep (more…)

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We all know the 3 R’s of education. But I ‘d like to coin

the 4 D’s of Resale Shopkeeping.

Desire, Determination, Diligence, Dollars

Of course Desire, Determination, Diligence, Dollars applies to (more…)

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