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Racks getting full? Can’t squeeze another thing on them?

Here’s my favorite solution.

Go vertical.

That’s right: hang (more…)

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What’s the smartest way to dress… or to decorate your home? (Smart in the sense of well-chosen and smart as in budget-friendly and smart as in (more…)

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Computers can be a distraction, says http://TGtbT.blogCouldn’t have said it better myself.

A quote that could make all the difference in how you run your business… and how you manage your staff.


Twenty years ago, computersĀ were productivity tools. Now, they’re distraction tools that kill focus, kill creativity, and kill our ability to do good conceptual thinking by providing a never-ending stream of irrelevant interruptions.

When a computer task crosses your mind, add it to a paper “computer to do” list that you keep handy. At defined, scheduled times of day, walk over to your computer and go through your computer to-do list. Treat the computer as a tool that you use consciously, take out, and put back. Don’t use it as a default location to distract your mind and attention.http://www.steverrobbins.com/

(Emphasis mine. That list? The perfect accessory to any consignment, resale, or thrift shopkeeper’s outfit: a clip clothespin with your to-do list dangling from your designer outfit.)

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Sometimes, you just need a little gift to make customers feel special.

How about (more…)

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Here’s a message I came across recently:

“[A]ll I want to do is stay home with my family. That’s the whole reason I’m giving this business thinga go. I just want to get to the point that I can hire someone and only have to be there a couple days a week myself.”

I didn’t even know how to reply to this remark. Except: It’s a lot easier and cheaper to, uh, just stay home with the family.

Consignment and resale shopkeeping is a lot of work --Kate Holmes, TGtbT.com

How to avoid getting into this situation yourself? Read and heed Too Good to be Threw Complete Operations Manual for Resale & Consignment Shops before you lease that space, buy that business, or tell all your friends to start saving their stuff.


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Every shop that sells furniture knows how hard it is to sell coffee tables, right?

Well, not if you do a little suggestive selling!

Try these ideas printed out and placed in an easel around the shop… and see if those coffee tables get snatched up quick!

HowToConsign.com sees a consignment store or thrift shop coffee table as a kids’ play table with some simple “roads”… and even parking spaces!

Chalkboard paint turns a consignment shop coffee table into a kids’ play table. We suggest cutting a hole to insert a chalk bowl into… but that’s just a frill šŸ˜‰




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When people put “Find us on Facebook” Don't make them have to FIND you on Facebook!in their ads, on their web sites or business cards

they don’t really mean that!

Facebook is many things… but it’s not (more…)

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