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(Apologies to email subscribers. This post went out before I finished it! Here’s “the rest of the story.”)

While it’s all well and good to have lots and lots of “likes” on your Facebook business page,

the actual GOAL is to have these folks SEE your posts, right?

I’ve talked before about reminding your followers often (once a week? once a month?) to choose to get notifications, but The White Elephant adds another way to get the point across. They’re pinned a message to the top of their timeline page.

Choose to "get notifications"

Pinning like this is great, but it doesn’t substitute for reminding followers over and over again. That’s because your current followers seldom actually end up on your main page. I think I read a statistic that less than 40% of visits to your page actually see your cover photo and pinned post…

Do you use “notifications” when you go onto Facebook? If not, this is what it looks like:

Facebook notification count

Visit The White Elephant on Facebook. And while you’re thinking of it, choose “get notifications” on Too Good to be Threw’s Facebook, too.  Note: if you already “like” a business page, you’ll get a slightly different popup box when you run your mouse across the word “liked”… choose all notifications, or the pencil icon to edit which types of posts you want to be notified of.


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Kudos to this shop for thinking about a way to convert those Facebook “Likes” into shoppers in their store.

Kudos to Tags Consignment, Oakdale CA

They created this (more…)

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What’s guerilla marketing? According to the dictionary it’s

innovative, unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product.

Sounds like it’s just up the alley for our consignment and resale shops, right? Like these two (more…)

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What will her gift be? Great resale promo for slow days, says TGtbT.comI recently made the “acquaintance” of a great non-profit shopkeeper, Debbie Morrison, who runs three thrifts in Tennessee. She mentioned in passing a promotion her shop uses:

Mystery gift Thursday: Spend at least $10.00, get a free gift.

Her publicity for this free gift includes this lovely way to say “please no complaints over your free gift”:

“Free gifts are in a brown bag, no changes, if you can’t use it, please find someone who can.”

Since Serenity Thrift is a non-profit thrift operation, what to use for a mystery gift was a no-brainer. They’d received Avon products as a donation. Everyone can use a little Avon, right?

If your consignment or resale shop would like to use this idea, how about some purchased-for-resale accessories? What could YOU see your shop as using for this promotion? Comment below, and remember, you ARE allowed to put in a plug for your business!



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You know those folks who keep saying I really should clean out my closets and bring stuff in… ?

Well, here’s the perfect present to give them, that will get them actually doing so!

Many thanks to Dwight & Tara Lucky of Dazzle in Hayden ID, who allowed us to share this tidbit from their e-newsletter:

A consignment shop idea from the TGtbT.com blogDo you do something similar in your shop? Tell us about it, in the comments below!



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Every once in a while, and oftener than I can catch, a consignment, resale, or thrift shop does something so RIGHT online, that I can’t resist sharing it with you. Here’s Selective Seconds in Greenwood IN (more…)

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I love getting mail, don’t you? Even e-mail… when it’s from my consignment, thrift, and resale peers!

You can learn so much from the notices, newsletters, and info your counterparts send out. You really should, if you don’t already, add your name to others’ e-mailing lists and pay attention to what they tell their clientele.

Here’s a terrific example of an idea (more…)

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