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January is National Oatmeal Month! TGtbT.com's Auntie Kate tells you how to use this in your consignment or resale shopWho can resist the fact that January is Oatmeal Month?

The perfect month for something cozy.

And the perfect month for giving your customers an additional reason to get out of the house and into your consignment or resale shop. Not to mention some word-of-mouth (oatmeal, get it? Word of mouth? Ha. I’m so funny.)

You could (more…)

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Is your shop hip to all the goings-on in your community? The concerts, block parties, theater performances, festivals? Maintaining a calendar of such events is a great way to get folks visiting your web site, seeing your branding, feeling connected to your business. And a fun way to get them SHOPPING is called (more…)

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Your web site. Your Facebook cover photo. Your blog. Your profile picture, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, business card, media ads, TV commercials, Tshirts, garment tags, trade show, charity auction signage… how many places could YOU put

a picture of your shop?

Lots, huh?

Nice photo, huh?But rather, umm, boring?

But won’t that be boring?

Not if you make your photos POP.

Play around with your consignment shop photo, says TGtbT.com

Click to see the variations larger.

Done on your phone with the Prisma app. Take some time and explore it (you’ll have to find how-tos with your search engine. Don’t get me started on why app makers don’t tell you how to use the darn things.)

The results are artsy enough to print out on some nice paper and frame in your dressing rooms. Never hurts to remind folks just where they are. For example, here’s my fave:

My favorite Prisma result.

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Tell the truth… aren’t you happier to see things go OUT the door than see them come IN?

Your biggest job is selling, and so should your consignment shop web site's.

Your consignment shop’s web site’s biggest job? Motivate BUYERS.

I think any consignment or resale shopkeeper who’s been open more than a week can agree that we (more…)

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Unused props in your back room can help your social media

Take advantage of your camera to build your social media. Click, to see all the tips TGtbT.com has to make your business be all you dream it can be.

Building a collection of your own photos is a great thing to do. Here’s one Julie snapped, when she bought a truck load of mannequins.

After all, we all have cameras in our pockets (or at least at the counter!) these days.

Imagine how


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Hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk? A creative consignment solution from TGtbT.com

For more HOT ideas to keep your consignment or resale shop cookin’, click the egg!

Too hot to shop.

How to get the register jingling when it’s too hot to shop?

How about holding a sizzling

Virtual Sidewalk Sale?

Here’s how:

Pick about half a dozen great buys from your consignment or resale shop’s stock to feature each day of your promotion. Be sure to select items that will appeal to a variety of virtual shoppers.

Photograph them… together or separately. (Add your shop logo and contact info to the photo!)

Decide how your online fans, friends, followers can call dibs/ purchase these items. Post on every social media site that you can… including the front page of your web site and on your blog.

Post a new batch every day at your audience’s optimal time, being sure to leave time for those eager shoppers to get in to buy/ pick up that day!

Do this every day for as long as it works, or until your actual sidewalk sale, whichever comes first.

Bonus points for turning your swing shop into a “Virtual Sidewalk Sale” showcase… it’s fun and it’ll motivate those who DO come in to start following your social media.

Photo by Pockafwye via Flickr Creative Commons

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Edit your photos in your phone to use in Constant Contact

Phones are handy in your shop for taking quick snaps of merchandise… but are those photos turning out as wondrous as you would like?

Here’s a great article on taking better phone shots.

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