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A happy customer who FOUND something in your consignment or resale shop, from TGtbT.com

Got a camera?

Got happy customers?

You got a recurring topic to post about!

Just whip out that camera when a customer is tickled pink about her new purchase, ask if you can use her as a testimonial about how much fun shopping at your place is, and snap away!

Of course, if she’s camera shy, just tell her how much you love that she loves your shop, and let her go on her way, but if she’s willing:

Get a good shot of her, her purchase, your shop name, and write down a quick simple quote from her. Encourage her to watch for yourself, and tell her you “don’t mind” 🙂  if she shares it on her social media.

Add your shop info to the shot, and maybe even her endorsement.

Then use it. Today. And next month. And whenever you’d like to let your social media followers know that

it’s fun (and rewarding!) to shop at your shop!

Here’s an example…


Have your happy customer show off her purchase!


Doin' the Happy Dance in front of my Favorite Consignment Shop!

Get a shot in front of your shop for name/ place recognition.


shopping makes resalers happy

Friends shopping together can do silly poses for you!


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The Ohio State Fair is starting this week. So, if your shop is within the geographical circle that’s likely to be planning to go, the main thought in your customers’ minds might be

What am I gonna wear?

Your consignment customers will be needing the perfect outfit for the fair!

and of course

I need it NOW!

Using the unspoken immediate needs or wants of potential shoppers means (more…)

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Trust is vital to establish, and easily lost… even when it’s not your fault.

Consignment chain makes a big black eye on the entire industry.

The blow-back from the (more…)

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If you’re opening a new store, remodeling, or simply switching seasons or doing a window display… let your social media followers watch as you do so!

Here’s ourKudos “winner” who made a 41-second video about their new store from a series of still shots taken as they worked.

Involve your followers in your business with just a few dozen shots, and see how much more loyal they are to you!

Need some more BRILLIANT ideas I’ve found for your shop? Here’s our “Kudos” category!

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Yup, you as owner, co-owner, manager of a consignment, resale or thrift shop NEED a portrait. People want to see your lovely face! Use your portrait on your web site, in your blog, periodically on your social media, as a cover photo on Facebook…

Remember, people like to deal with people they know, and seeing your picture makes them feel like they know you already.

But not all of us enjoy photographs of ourselves. Here’s some examples I’ve gathered, though, that might (more…)

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Take a moment and think about what’s coming up in February. And how your shop could use these wacky “national days” to tickle the fancy of your current… and potential!… clientele. Here’s some I’ve chosen at random, and a thought or two on each to get your imagination going to

design a promotional event for your shop!

Feb 1 Wednesday Work Naked Day: Your email, blog post, social media message could be: If you’re not allowed to work naked, the next best (more…)

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