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Now, in the first flush of summer, is the time to make your shopfront truly memorable.

When people SEE your location: do they REMEMBER it?

And, even better, tell their friends about it? Stop in just to say “How nice you’re making the neighborhood”? (I had folks stopping in to ask what those pretty flowers were.)*

Some memorable storefronts I’ve seen, to get your imagination soaring:


This shop didn’t have the space to do anything outside, so we used


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Is mum the only word for your social media pix? TGtbT.blog recommends you get chatty!

Is mum the only word for your social media pix?

Are your pictures silent?

That is, do you take shots of your merchandise and that’s it, you just post them on all those social media channels you have so carefully constructed… without a WORD as to what we’re looking at, why we might possibly want it, indeed, what YOU were thinking to bother showing it to us?

Never post “silent” pictures. They are ineffective and worse, they’re annoying to your fans and followers. You’re interrupting them to get their attention, then giving them nothing for their time.

Worried that you’ll have nothing to say? (This is the weirdest thing about my resale friends… they always fret that there’s nothing to say when I ask them to caption a photo, write a blog post, be social in social media, but DANG! You can’t shut ’em up when they get together in person!)

Well, write this sentence out and tape it to your office wall, your laptop, heck, your forehead:

What’s so FAB (Features, Advantages, Benefits)?

What do I mean? You can use Features, Advantages, and/or Benefits to make your pictures sing! Like:

Features: “The industrial zipper on this lace blouse takes it from ho-hum “sweet” to SWEEET!”

Advantage: “Outfit your new office with this swivel chair and desk for $150 and save your new business startup budget hundreds of dollars on Day One!”

Benefit: Keep the kiddos warm this winter: Our selection of snowsuits and snow boots will have them playing outdoors for hours (ah, blessed silence…)”

See? When your thinking gets FAB, your social media gets results!

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Does Facebook video tempt you, but you’ve never done it, you’re “not a public speaker”, or you’re


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Here’s an email subject line that caught my eye today:

“Gorgeous Gifts and Goodies Under $350!”

Now, wouldn’t that be a great opportunity for YOU to get your email list folks thinking about shopping in your shop for the holidays? You could link to a gallery of product photos... a collage… a Facebook album or Instagram or Pinterest or blog entry.

Or for the time-pressed, just put the pix in your email… then (of course) link the email to your social media.

Choose a price point that would be reasonable for your clientele… not too high, not too low. You want to show value, not how cheap they could be, ’cause holiday gift-giving is all about the delight, not the savings.

Then, closer to December 25? Do a repeat with “stocking stuffers” for a lower price point. If your clientele is anything like me, around that time I’m always worried that I don’t “have enough”!

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A happy customer who FOUND something in your consignment or resale shop, from TGtbT.com

Got a camera?

Got happy customers?

You got a recurring topic to post about!

Just whip out that camera when a customer is tickled pink about her new purchase, ask if you can use her as a testimonial about how much fun shopping at your place is, and snap away!

Of course, if she’s camera shy, just tell her how much you love that she loves your shop, and let her go on her way, but if she’s willing:

Get a good shot of her, her purchase, your shop name, and write down a quick simple quote from her. Encourage her to watch for yourself, and tell her you “don’t mind” 🙂  if she shares it on her social media.

Add your shop info to the shot, and maybe even her endorsement.

Then use it. Today. And next month. And whenever you’d like to let your social media followers know that

it’s fun (and rewarding!) to shop at your shop!

Here’s an example…


Have your happy customer show off her purchase!


Doin' the Happy Dance in front of my Favorite Consignment Shop!

Get a shot in front of your shop for name/ place recognition.


shopping makes resalers happy

Friends shopping together can do silly poses for you!


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The Ohio State Fair is starting this week. So, if your shop is within the geographical circle that’s likely to be planning to go, the main thought in your customers’ minds might be

What am I gonna wear?

Your consignment customers will be needing the perfect outfit for the fair!

and of course

I need it NOW!

Using the unspoken immediate needs or wants of potential shoppers means (more…)

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Trust is vital to establish, and easily lost… even when it’s not your fault.

Consignment chain makes a big black eye on the entire industry.

The blow-back from the (more…)

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