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Which would you rather have, a percentage... or a dollar?Which would make YOU feel good about your favorite shop:

Being able to draw a percentage-off discount when (more…)

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Do you have “be back” days? You know, those days when you have plenty of browsers, but few buyers?Be Back Coupons can save a sale... or make WOM buzz!

An acquaintance, with a browse-worthy shop in a tourist destination, said (more…)

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Just a jot: If you don’t check in at TGtbT.com often, you may have missed our latest article:

My Living Social Experience

by long-time friend (more…)

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No more of these. Can consumers really comprehend “honest” pricing? Apparently they’re having a hard time doing so. What does this teach you in your consignment, resale, thrift shop?

I’ve been haunting Penney’s recently.

It never was my favorite store, but it’s research. (Plus DuH likes their Tshirts.)

What I’m watching is their Giant Step (more…)

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Consignment shopkeeper making the most of a cash mobAn old consignment peer of mine (oh, sorry… I mean a resale peer of long standing 😉 ) is having a cash mob come to her shop soon.

Cash mobs attract shoppers to stores they might not otherwise have been aware of.

Cash mobs are organized by a disinterested party (often a shop-local advocate) and the word is spread by social media. It’s not a monetary  “deal”, but simply a way to show support, have some social fun, and explore locales you might otherwise not consider, or never have gotten around to discovering. The “please spend” dollar amount is set by the organizer, and is not a requirement, simply a suggestion.

New to You owner Bobbie Breen said that even after 30 years in business, she still encounters customers who are new to her.

“Every day, people walk in and ask if we have just opened,” she said. “I would tell people who still haven’t visited the store to come on in. They will not be disappointed in the selection.”

Since one of the biggest reasons for shopkeepers to love cash mobs is to get new faces not only in, but buying more than the mob event is set for, Bobbie is offering a 30 for 30 deal for her cash mobbers.

“We are calling it the 30 for 30. We are asking people to commit to spending at least $15, but if they spend $30, they will be entered into a drawing for a $30 gift certificate…”

Cash mobs, if you’re lucky enough to be selected for one, are also the ideal audience for Back-Again Bucks, store money valid for future purchases.

The full article is here.

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