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Kate's got a recipe for your Halloween success

Kate’s got a recipe for your Halloween success

Yesterday here on Auntie Kate the Blog, we had the grand unveiling of the TGtbT.com Pinterest Board,

Halloween in Resale & Consignment.

Lots of visuals there to help your thrift, consignment or resale shop be the hit of the town!

Today, we unveil not ONE but TWO Pinterest Boards over on HowToConsign.com’s Pinterest, that you can direct your viewers to, even if you aren’t a HTC Sponsor. After all, we all deserve some Halloween fun, resale-style!

Costumes from Consignment & Resale Shops

and, for home decorating ideas (hey, I won’t tell if you use them in-shop as well)

Celebrating, Thriftily

which will have holidays added to it (can’t wait for you and your resale shop fans to see the ideas!) as the “buying season” for that holiday approaches, so keep it bookmarked.

Delight and inspire your customers by linking (from your blog, Twitter, or Facebook or in your next broadcast email) to the entire collection of consumer-oriented HTC Pinterest Boards (use the link http://pinterest.com/howtoconsign/ ), an individual board there like http://pinterest.com/howtoconsign/halloween-costumes-from-resale-thrift-finds/, or an individual pin like http://pinterest.com/pin/105834659964264406/

Pat yourself on the back for inspiring resale shops across the continent (if your shop is already a Professional Resaler Sponsor of HTC) or thank a shop who already is a HTC Sponsor (they’d welcome your shop to the Directory, ’cause the more, the merrier for all!)

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Halloween in resale is more fun than a barrel of witches!You’ve heard it from Auntie Kate before, you’ll hear it again. Halloween, NOT Christmas, is the big

reputation-building, most fun, and most profitable time of year.

And just to give you a little holiday spirit (yes, a pun, I know. Go with it) (more…)

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After all, some Auntie Kate messages are, ahem, Too Good to be Threw!

Click the image for more Deja Vuesday posts that are too good to be threw from TGtbT.com

Can you think a year ahead?

If so, you’ll (more…)

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This story of mine is a couple of years old, but still might work for you today!

In response to a desperate shopper at the thrift shop last week, we came up with this super-thrifty Halloween costume. Took him less than an hour to make this, and he promises to be the Belle of the Ball at the fancy society smash he’ll be attending.
Josh is going as “Table for One.”

He’ll take a circle of cardboard (cut out from an appliance carton courtesy of a local appliance dealer) with a hole cut out for his head so he can balance it on his shoulders. Then, he’ll cover it with a checkered tablecloth we found, allowing the edges to drape in a fetching sort of way.

On the tabletop, he’ll glue a wine glass, appetizer-size plate, napkin and silverware. The plate is filled with some plastic fruit and a “reserved” sign (donated by his favorite bistro) and the check (from an old-fashioned receipt book from same bistro.)

We found a headband to which Josh will hot-glue a bunch of flowers, so his head is the centerpiece. (I think that’s the part he likes best!)
How much it cost:

Tablecloth and napkin: $3.50.
Plate: $1
Plastic fruit: $2.50
Silverware: $2
Wine glass: $1
Headband, silk flowers: $4

Total? $14, and he still has most of the items to donate back to the thrift shop.

Note: Josh added wide elastic bands from the underside of his tabletop to swoop under his arms and back up. But he’s a dancin’ fool and wanted comPLETE stability.

The money Josh saved by not buying or renting a Halloween contest? He plans on donating it to Toys for Tots so that a child or two has a happier holiday. Pretty nifty guy, Josh.

–Kate Holmes, HowToConsign.com

P.S. Yes I know this is the 3rd Auntie Kate post today. Can you tell what my favorite holiday is? Besides 4th of July of course, and International Resale Day, which I was lucky enough to be born on. Oh and Christmas and Arbor Day and Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.

Arbor Day?

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Luckily, forgetting your Halloween costume when you’re a consignment, resale, or thrift shop owner/manager is not a major deal.


Perfect resale Halloween costume!Assuming you wear your wares. Or at least shop other resale shops, if you sell used furniture or home decor or baby clothes…

All you have to do is make a sun headband. Or tuck a sunflower behind your ear.

Get it? You’ve dressed up as

Nothing New Under the Sun.

(Didn’t forget your costume? Tell us what you are today!)

(What I was, one year.)

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Decorating for fall in your shopHave you added fall decorations to your consignment, thrift, or resale shop? Or to your windows (I saw (more…)

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After a shopping trip to consignment, resale, and thrift shops last week, I posted this on FB.

I had all I could do to resist (more…)

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