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Look closely at this photo. Pretty good disguise, huh?

This shop built a wall, creating much-needed storage space, without a carpenter and without cost. Simply by (more…)

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I snapped this pic of the side window at Trader Joe’s. The only people who’d see this are those parked on that side of the building, like me.

But that doesn’t mean (more…)

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I love snapping quick photos to share with you in my Learn a Lot series. There’s so much imagination out there to inspire us all… but sometimes, even The Resale Guru needs to

take a second look.

I saw this wonderful little swing shop armoire in a vintage market and loved the signage, the tulle on the top of the (really, an old TV armoire….) and the lace and beads to emphasize the merchandise…

A swing shop can be an old armoire in your consignment, resale or thrift shop

More on swing shops and other sizzling ways to enhance your shop: just click or tap!


but it took a closer look at my photos before I noticed the really, really, really good idea for consignment, resale, and thrift shoppers to use:

Gather a category up into an armoire "swing shop" says Auntie Kate of TGtbT.com

Did you catch it? Look again!

No need to rig up some sort of clothing rod inside the armoire… just plop a 2-way within and you’re good to go… that is, go nuts with your select little selection any time you want to fluff up the sales floor a bit!

(Tip: Now might be the right time to try this, and if you love the look so much you could line your shop in armoires, well take a look at my Pin here. )



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Do you have occasion to use email sign-up slips, entry forms for a contest, or registrations for a door prize? How do you keep (more…)

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Do you swing in your shop? What’s a swing shop? From the TGtbT.com Glossary of Resale Terms:

Swing Shop: An area dedicated to selling time-sensitive featured items. It can be as small as a single rack, or as large as the entire center of your shop. This area will generally have a much higher sales-per-square-foot figure. For more, see pages 20-23 of Shop Sizzle.

There’s swing shops all around us when we wander through the retail world. Here’s two I saw yesterday:

The first answers the age-old question “What can I get them for Christmas?”

Here's a holiday-gift themed swing shop in Lowe's Home Improvement

Hmm, what do we carry that would make a good holiday gift? Lowes answered that question with this swing shop!

Addressing the concerns that are going through your shoppers’ minds is a good way to decide what your swing shop will be for the next week or month. A gift-suggestion swing shop is especially important in our resale shops, since we do want to let buyers see that yes, they can snag a wonderful gift, even if they are in a secondhand shop!

Another option for a swing shop is to solve their immediate problem.

And what’s more immediate than “What am I gonna cook for dinner?” This swing shop saves the shopper time and foot steps by gathering everything needed for that dish the demonstrator is whipping up!

What's for dinner, a great swing shop!

First they cook, and then you buy: all the ingredients (even the cooking oil!) for the recipe they’re demo’ing.

My first day in my first Manhattan department store job, it started raining after commuters had left their homes. All those folks were caught with no protection from the weather.  A swing shop was hastily set up with all of the cheapest umbrellas in the store, right in front of the glass doors, and that’s where I was stationed, selling umbrellas right and left for hours. Proving that a swing shop can meet immediate needs, and make an immediate and unanticipated profit too!

What’s in your swing shop today?

PS Swing shops can be time-savers, too. Switching it out is a great way to freshen up your shop without totally rearranging it!

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Clever way Hallmark has of diverting the browser’s attention from something that is not available and helping them (more…)

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I snapped this sign immediately when I spotted it in (more…)

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