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Make your merchandise POP
I lovelovelove this merchandise photo.

Why? ‘Cause it’s (more…)

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An organized Auntie KateA free video… (click the link to see. I mean, it’s free. It’s fun. It’s even easy. Maybe it’ll inspire you to make one too!)

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To all people, mothers or not, who have cherished the weight of a child in her arms or in her heart, Happy Mother’s Day.Mother-and-Child xi pan

More of this artist’s work.


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130504 tv meninosdotusInstead of watching TV this evening, how about entertaining yourself (more…)

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Using broken pieces of slat wall… you could be missing a lot of interesting ideas, presented (more…)

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Where to find Kate Holmes of Too Good to be ThrewAt Conference, a gentleman came up to me and complained he didn’t know how to (more…)

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A traffic jam of resale, consignment and thrift articles on TGtbT.comA bunch of us are on the NARTS Conference Resale Bus Tour as you read this. More, later today, about the wonders we will learn, on the KateAtNARTS.wordpress.com seasonal blog.

But if you’re feeling left out, here’s a whole

Information Highway, jam-packed

with resale ideas and thoughts, in the articles archive at TGtbT.com.

And check out a post about things I learned on NARTS Resale Bus Tours a while back.

Enjoy, and we’ll get back to you later.

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