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If your shop’s web site has a link to any of HowToConsign.com‘s pages and articles (“How to Prepare Your Items” is a favorite!), or to any one of HowToConsign.org‘s blog posts (maybe “9 Tips to Avoid Consignment Hassles with your Fashion Apparel” or “9 Tips to Avoid Consignment Hassles with your Home Decor” would pre-educate incoming suppliers?) just send me the URL of your page, and get this frameable print (without the watermark, of course) for free!

Oh yeh, and I’ll also put your shop’s web site on the #1 Google-ranked Resale Shop Directory! But then, you knew that.

To be a Resaler printable graphic


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I love this (lightly-edited) quote from Shauna Niequist and I should have posted it here on my birthday. But it was International Resale Day, and I was busy doing my bit for the industry by shopping my little heart out. Sad to say, I didn’t find any pink shoes, but that’s okay. It gives me a chance to keep shopping, and to keep making God laugh.
Make God belly laugh

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We love it as “the 4th of July” ’cause that says summertime,  barbeques and picnics and beaches and watermelon… but


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Your smile is your logo

TGtbT.com can teach you how this is so in the intensely-personal retail world of consignment, resale and thrift!


 ( with thanks to Jay Danzie Jay Danzie’s Facebook page.)

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My mother used to wake us kids up with “Rise and Shine!” My best friend’s mom preferred “Time to get bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!”

Did YOU (more…)

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