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Yummy Saturday night supper; even yummier as Sunday leftovers. Also great with salad and warm bread for a staff get-together/planning dinner.

I made this for dinner just before a “10 MInutes with Kate” live video on our private TGtbT Facebook group… look close and you can see a tomato-colored splash or two on my face!

Too Good to be Threw Smokehouse Spaghetti

This is not so much as a recipe as it is a collection of suggestions to create your own version. Exercise your options. It’s your kitchen, after all.

Saute 8 oz. sliced mushrooms in a bit of olive oil. I added some (more…)

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TGtbT.com thinks you'll enjoy this novel about consifgnment and resale shopkeepingSecond Hand, by Michael Zadoorian, will make any shopkeeper smile.

Richard, the proprietor of the imaginary shop Satori Junk, travels from estate sale to thrift store to garage sale in search of (more…)

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One of my favorite techniques for spicing up resale shops and expanding not just their customer base but also their word of mouth is a department called

Weird & Wonderful.

But it occurred to me the other day that (more…)

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Are you like me? Whenever I go out gift shopping, I’m like

“One for you, one for me…”

Christmas gifts for your consignment or resale shopWell, I’m here to tell you that’s okay. IF the “one for me” is actually “one for my shop.”

In fact, it’s SO okay by me, that i have a gift suggestion list just for professional resalers. I think any… or all… of these gifts will make for a much happier and more effective shop, so go ahead, stuff Santa’s sack! (more…)

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Kate’s Miracle SPINAL INSERTION MACHINE. Line up to the left, please, and have your ride token ready for collection.

Ever wish, as a shopkeeper, that you could get a spine, and stop feeling bad when people tromp all over you and then expect you to feel happy about it? That you could stop apologizing for running your business in a way that allows your business to exist?

Well, Kate to the rescue. Here’s a nice (more…)

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If your shop’s web site has a link to any of HowToConsign.com‘s pages and articles (“How to Prepare Your Items” is a favorite!), or to any one of HowToConsign.org‘s blog posts (maybe “9 Tips to Avoid Consignment Hassles with your Fashion Apparel” or “9 Tips to Avoid Consignment Hassles with your Home Decor” would pre-educate incoming suppliers?) just send me the URL of your page, and get this frameable print (without the watermark, of course) for free!

Oh yeh, and I’ll also put your shop’s web site on the #1 Google-ranked Resale Shop Directory! But then, you knew that.

To be a Resaler printable graphic


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Is it dreary around your neck of the woods? Would a little spring color help enliven your consignment or resale shop windows and swing shops? Here’s some Pinspiration from the TGtbT boards:

Bright colors from the ceiling down look great over furniture displays or dress form outfits. Remember doing these in grade school?

Ice cream cones: what could be yummier in a kidswear window? Surprisingly easy to make for your shop!

Another “remember when?” craft from your prepubescent years. These lanterns look especially wonderful used in tight groupings of 3 or 5.

Need more resale-specific window dressing ideas? You got ’em in Window Displays Especially for Resale Shops

Windows that WOW don’t happen by accident. Learn the hidden secrets of resale eye candy that nobody tells you and how to make awesome displays of your one-of-a-kind merchandise as you Display. Sell. Repeat your way to awesome profits. This 48-page PDQ shows you how to choose, create, and sell everything with affordable, time-effective ways to DIY your own “Windows Worth a Thousand Words.”

Read about

      * what windows can do for your bottom line
      * how to learn (for free!) from the professionals
      * tools and concepts about window displays
      * ready-made themes for every week of the year
      * our famous 77 Suggestions for Super Windows
      * plus Display Ideas from A to Z

Includes a 10-point checklist for staffers to follow, FAQs, and ideas from shopkeepers like you! Make your business stand out from the crowd with windows that WOW! Order your own PDF of The Big Book of Window Displays now.


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