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From the author of The Big Book of Window Displays: The Art & Business of Irresistible Windows comes these examples:

Yes, you want your shop to look festive all the holiday season long. No, you don’t have much time, money, or space.

Well, here’s some inspiration you (with, maybe, a little help from friends & family!) can do in one hour, andleave up from now til 2016…

Christmas tree made of paper doilies

Like trees, but crave some eye-catching color in your display? Washi tape!

Washi tape makes a great Christmas tree for your consignment shop windows

Or maybe a festive valance would suit your shop’s branding better. Try ornaments:

Ornaments hung on ribbons trim your resale shop window quickly, and take up no room!

Or yard-sized candy canes!

Giant candy cane yard ornaments WOW in our consignment shop window

TRULY one-hour (or less!) is my favorite off-the-cuff holiday look. Take a big brush and some water-based paint, and do a big yellow star inspired by this heart.

A big beautiful yellow star will make your consignment shop's holiday window a knock-out!

If you have a steady hand, use this as inspiration for a window pen painting spree. Try three per window, high enough to not obscure your merchandise display:

Paint snowflake ornaments on your resale shop window

If you have a few minutes to spare,  leave tiny doodle messages in the corners of your mirrors throughout your shop:

Paint a little greeting on dressing room mirrors...

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If you have a resale, thrift or consignment shop, chances are that your business might be a mite slow over any holiday weekend, as your customers enjoy family gatherings, community events, or just kicking back.

Not that we wish slow sales upon you, but…

Consign to Design is a past consultee, and current Sponsor of our consumer-oriented site, HowToConsign.com

Consign to Design’s “front door” to their site. Find their live links on the Resale Shop Directory at HowToConsign

for an entrepreneur, this slow sales time could be a boon. It gives you time to research, try out, do some of those pesky details inherent in running your social media.

Maybe this series on Auntie Kate the Blog might be your weekend task:

Optimizing your Web Site for Resale Shoppers

Start here with Day One and follow the “next post” to see all four in the series



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Wish you had a video or two to introduce potential shoppers to your business? I’ve found a simple but sleek example.

Update 6-1-15 : The video’s no longer viewable, so you’ll have to see it in your mind’s eye… the points below are still pertinent! –Kate This short video is from a fashion blog, and is a good example of a video you could easily create for your shop.

Opening sequence shows not only the neighborhood, but also the shop front. This is vital if you’re introducing new folks to your consignment, resale or thrift shop: give them a visual to remember as they’re trying to find you.

Give-and-take. The blogger interviewing the shop manager is a good way to get a lot of info across in a lively manner. Conversation is inherently more interesting than a lecture. Even if you have to interview your mother, include some repartee!

There are other people! Nothing makes photos or videos of public spaces like your shop look weirder than NO CUSTOMERS. Always makes me think a neutron bomb’s wiped out the populace.

Use of stills within the video allows for labeling the pieces of the sample outfits and showing some motivating pricing.

No relying on the in-camera mic… lapel mics make your video so much more professional. Having that echo-y, far-off sound in your business video not only looks amateur, it makes it hard to hear what you’re saying.

140426 fashionpolizei

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A Weekend Warrior Idea: Quick and easy things to do to improve your retail shop.

Every consignment, resale, and thrift shop should develop and use branding: a specific look, feel, and approach to writing for their shops. It allows your potential clientele to identify your marketing messages immediately…ah, yes, that’s Macy’s when they see a red star, or The Gap when they see that dark-blue square.

But I’m gonna give you a pass today. Break out of your mold.

Learn how changing your Twitter background can (more…)

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Yappy birds. Did I say that? What I meant was sweet little tweets.

Click to see 2Good2BThrew's Favorites

This suggestion is part of our Weekend Warriors series, which gives resale shopkeepers something to do over the weekend. Read past ideas on how to improve your business in your “free” (ha!) time.

Your tweets are so easily overlooked… Let’s say you have this great link you’ve called your fans’ attention to. What if she missed it? What if it came in such a flurry of incoming tweets that she simply didn’t get a chance to take advantage of it? Wouldn’t you like to give your 140-character marketing message a second life? You can simply use Twitter’s (more…)

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