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People like pictures better than words. They relate to them. (Remember “Pat the Bunny?” We’re all little ones under our adult skins!) So why not SHOW rather than TELL (more…)

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Is Target consignment-worthy?Now, most consignment and resale shops are hesitant, with good reason, to allow Target merchandise into their shops. But it still behooves shopkeepers to keep an eye on what’s happening there, and this article (more…)

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I feel sorry for small consignment shops. Really. I feel their pain about the lack of space, about the logjam of summer clothes still in-date and fall consignments pouring in. Really, it can be a time of year when you just wanna bar the door.

But seriously, this message, (more…)

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Kerri wrote:

I offer free giftwrapping in my store.  We’re getting more and more customers ask if we sell cards–kid’s birthday, baby shower, etc. to go along with the wrapping, and we do not have any at this time.  Does anyone have a reasonably priced source for cards?  Thanks in advance.

I’m sure that some of our shopkeepers have some wholesale resources to share with Kerri, but here’s a nifty (more…)

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Resale shopkeepers can learn from the GapYou can learn a lot from history… even history of a “real” store.

What went wrong? …interviews …depict a company that chased after rivals, rather than charting its own course, and that cut quality and lost touch with customers. Simply put, it filled its stores with stuff that people didn’t want. [Emphasis Kate’s]

Read the full article here.

Intrigued by the colossal flop of their logo change? There are some lessons even the smallest of shops can learn in this article where a designer tries to fix the “new” logo, written before Gap changed back to the original.

What’s YOUR experience with Gap-branded clothing?

Has interest remained high over the last few years, or has it become a dog of a brand? And how does Kid Gap do? And speaking of Express, is that a sought-after brand or has it died in our industry? We’d love to hear your thoughts.



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$1200 dresses. Size 4. GIRLS’ 4 that is. (more…)

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Eavesdrop on a consignment experience.

This video is a great case study for shopkeepers and accepting staff. If we look at it not as “how to consign”… but “how to treat a potential consignor” we can take the opportunity to fine-tune our shops.

See if you can spot the lessons to be learned (I’ve listed some after the video.)

Okay, in order of occurrence:

At 0:30 she recounts a bad experience… hope you never react with “disdain”!

At 1:00 the consignee actually introduces herself to the incoming consignor. Do you and your staff do the same? It means a lot… makes the interaction between two people, rather than a person and a business.

At 1:15, the consignee gives the consignor a compliment on her items. I’ve bolded and italized that because you know? It seldom happens that a consignor hears a positive before a potential negative.

At 1:30, consignee takes the conversational opportunity to put in a plug for larger sizes by saying “big is great ’cause we don’t have enough.”

At 1:50, consignee passes on a NTY, without volunteering a reason. I’m sure she had one, but the CONSIGNOR (as seen by her video editing) didn’t consider it important. So if the consignor doesn’t care why, the consignee needn’t throw negative comments into the mix like “out of style,” “fake,” or “are you kidding, this is SO 20th-century.”

At 2:00, the consignee gives the consignor a good reason/excuse not to be concerned with unsold items at the end of the consignment period. Notice the lack of “if you want unsold items back, you must pick them up at X days”… because all most consignors hear is “you must pick up…”

At 2:10 the consignee has a great spiel about the charity the shop uses. Sweet!

At 2:30 the consignee might develop a good spiel about using store credit. The consignor had to ask, and the reply was not as motivating as it could have been.

Did I miss any lessons to be learned? Comment below!

My thanks to verygoodlooking.com for creating and posting this video. A blog I’ll be watching daily. I like Ms. Horchow’s presentation. Usually, these types of commentators are so smarmy and self-important, but I actually like Sally!



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