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What elegant is, from www.TGtbT.blogThe statistics are endless: half of American women wear size 16 or above; the average dress size is 14; 45% of adult women are at least 30 pounds overweight.

So, are you getting your share of that business?

Whether your shop (more…)

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Sometimes, you just need a little gift to make customers feel special.

How about (more…)

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I want to be your friend, so tell me how, says TGtbT.blog… so tell me stuff I need to know to not be


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1701xx-malloreigh_wearing_boxing_glovesGive your best consignors a punch…

a punch card that is!

Sonya Nix of Better Than Before Consignments mentioned in a private forum that once, she gave (more…)

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There are laws in resale you must not flout, a post on AuntieKate.wordpress.com, the Professional Resalers' resource.You must obey this law… and if you don’t, you will suffer.

While flouting this law won’t get you a jail sentence,  it could contribute to the death of your business.

What law are we looking at here? (more…)

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Kate’s Miracle SPINAL INSERTION MACHINE. Line up to the left, please, and have your ride token ready for collection.

Ever wish, as a shopkeeper, that you could get a spine, and stop feeling bad when people tromp all over you and then expect you to feel happy about it? That you could stop apologizing for running your business in a way that allows your business to exist?

Well, Kate to the rescue. Here’s a nice (more…)

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There’s nothing more “local” than resale, consignment, and thrift shops.

After all, we’re not only locally-owned, but locally-sourced as well. In fact, we’re in the forefront of the Dress Local or Decorate Local movement, aren’t we?

Some handy resources for advertising that YOU are the ULTIMATE in the Shop Local movement:


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