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Lots of fun ways to build anticipation

to Christmas in your consignment, resale, thrift shop! Here are some of my found favorites:

I love this one. Imagine it BIG in your window, and the first person in every morning has the honor of snipping off a bit of Santa’s beard (with appropriately decorated special scissors of course) and having their photo posted on your blog or a special Facebook album…

Santa beard as advent calendar as found on TGtbT.com

Here’s a way to get folks in, first thing in the morning: Have a “first stepper” reward!

First person in, gets whatever’s in the (more…)

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I am absolutely in LOVE with the way Attic Fanatic in West Columbia SC presented their “week in review.” As you view it, notice how


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Okay, it’s a fact of life that you have to start your Facebook Live before you have a full audience. But geez, do SOMETHING to (more…)

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Address your potential customers' fears says TGtbT.blogAre they afraid?

Do your potential customers have fears associated to your products and services? Often they do, even if they don’t know it.

The subtitle to this post should be Listening to that little voice inside your head. The lessons you can learn by paying attention to your own tiny, secret, hidden reactions as a member of the public will help you sell more in your shop.

How? By uncovering why potential customers are actually afraid to (more…)

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If you’re running a nonprofit thrift shop, and you would like to squelch the “can you take less for this?” shoppers, this sign from World’s Attic, run by the Mennonite Central Committee, might be just the thing.

Sign in a thrift shop, snapped by Kate Holmes of TGtbT.com

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Dressing room woes

More examples, this time in Irish stores….

One of the last decisions a clothing consignment or resale shop thinks is important….

is actually make-or-break.

According to DailyMail.com, female shoppers try on an average of 40,000 articles of clothing in their lifetimes, purchasing just one in seven. 

If you want to up the odds (more…)

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Isn’t this a wonderful motivator and even


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