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Resale promo ideas to keep you from being an April Fool!Well, tomorrow’s April Fools Day, and you’d be a fool not to have a few promotions scheduled for the upcoming month. Some ideas:

The first week is National (more…)

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An easy way to create a Facebook video for your consignment or resale shop Facebook page.

If you DO want to produce a video, click for TGtbT.com’s best advice.

Facebook loves videos, huh? But you have all you can do to keep your consignment or resale shop Facebook page going, without becoming a movie producer, am I right?

Guess what? There’s a down-and-dirty way to fool Facebook into thinking you posted a video and getting all that lovely attention… andFacebook created it FOR you!

Here’s a really good post about Facebook slide show quick videos.

(I’ll make it even easier… you don’t really have to upload in your final order, as Donna says.)

See my first attempt. Max 15 minutes spent on it.

Try it yourself. Then come back here to the TGtbT blog and post a link to your creation!

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One of the most profitable things you can sell in your shop is jewelry. Why? Well, if you follow the advice in the Manual, the mark-up can be terrific; jewelry takes up little space so your dollars per square foot can reach into the thousands; and because, well because jewelry fits most everyone!

The secret to selling more jewelry? Show it on your social media. Which means taking pictures. Which means

taking really GOOD pictures.

Some tips for getting (more…)

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I want to be your friend, so tell me how, says TGtbT.blog… so tell me stuff I need to know to not be


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January is National Oatmeal Month! TGtbT.com's Auntie Kate tells you how to use this in your consignment or resale shopWho can resist the fact that January is Oatmeal Month?

The perfect month for something cozy.

And the perfect month for giving your customers an additional reason to get out of the house and into your consignment or resale shop. Not to mention some word-of-mouth (oatmeal, get it? Word of mouth? Ha. I’m so funny.)

You could (more…)

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Is your shop hip to all the goings-on in your community? The concerts, block parties, theater performances, festivals? Maintaining a calendar of such events is a great way to get folks visiting your web site, seeing your branding, feeling connected to your business. And a fun way to get them SHOPPING is called (more…)

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Lots of consignment and resale shops find Facebook posts like these very useful:

Today Only: All pants 25% off!

Flash Sale: 50% off all lamps today

BOGO: Buy a sweater, get a 2nd half off! Today only, hurry in!

and that’s great. But (more…)

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