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Unused props in your back room can help your social media

Take advantage of your camera to build your social media. Click, to see all the tips TGtbT.com has to make your business be all you dream it can be.

Building a collection of your own photos is a great thing to do. Here’s one Julie snapped, when she bought a truck load of mannequins.

After all, we all have cameras in our pockets (or at least at the counter!) these days.

Imagine how


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One of my favorite bumper stickers is “If you can read this, thank a teacher.” So true! And most of us don’t get the opportunity to thank teachers nearly enough.

Well, enough of that. Here’s a quick, easy, and heart-warming way to extend a helping hand to all those hard-working folks, and to show them that shopping resale adds up!


A consignment, resale, and thrift shop promotion saluting teachers.

For hundreds more promotional ideas and tips especially for the resale industry, click the pic.

Creating a graphic like this (I used picmonkey.com), to use on your web site, blog, social media channels, and to print as in-store signs, posters, and window messages, takes only a few minutes. (Naturally, you’ll add your shop logo and info to your creation.)

Add in some time to go buy a gift certificate to your local school supply shop (who might even give you a sizable discount in exchange for a sponsorship!) , and you have an almost-instant news-worthy event.

Consider this your homework tonight!

For more tips and specific ways to make your promotion continue to earn your business fame and fortune beyond the event, read your copy of Resale’s BEST Promotions from the Too Good to be Threw Products for the Professional Resaler.


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When people put “Find us on Facebook” Don't make them have to FIND you on Facebook!in their ads, on their web sites or business cards

they don’t really mean that!

Facebook is many things… but it’s not (more…)

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I recently read some horrifying statistic about how so many people think that Facebook IS the Internet. Just goes to show how important wise use of Facebook is to your shop’s success. Here’s a few examples I’ve screen-clipped to give you some options!

Jessica may be at the beach or cooking supper, but she assures her shoppers that they can “browse” online. Whether you have a online shop, some great photos on your web site or blog, or simply rely on a Facebook album to present tempting photos of your merchandise, a linked post like this motivates potential shoppers.Fifi's Amelia Island had a smart Facebook post!

Explaining to your FB followers how to increase the posts about you that they see is a tricky business. Here’s what Dazzle had pinned to the top of their page when I visited:

Tell a story to get the point across in Facebook

Go ahead… ASK your followers to interact! 81 people did, in response to this post:

Never hurts to ask your Facebook followers to interact with your page!

And a final suggestion: Tell them that they’ve done good… and they’ll do it again and again. Betty posted this, and in less than an hour, 15 likes! (Tip: The praise COULD be for some action you WANT them to take… if they haven’t actually done it yet. It’s all about expectations, huh?)

Praise your followers for doing good!

What posts increase your shop’s ultimate bottom line the best? Go ahead and share, them in the comments, if you like.




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(Apologies to email subscribers. This post went out before I finished it! Here’s “the rest of the story.”)

While it’s all well and good to have lots and lots of “likes” on your Facebook business page,

the actual GOAL is to have these folks SEE your posts, right?

I’ve talked before about reminding your followers often (once a week? once a month?) to choose to get notifications, but The White Elephant adds another way to get the point across. They’re pinned a message to the top of their timeline page.

Choose to "get notifications"

Pinning like this is great, but it doesn’t substitute for reminding followers over and over again. That’s because your current followers seldom actually end up on your main page. I think I read a statistic that less than 40% of visits to your page actually see your cover photo and pinned post…

Do you use “notifications” when you go onto Facebook? If not, this is what it looks like:

Facebook notification count

Visit The White Elephant on Facebook. And while you’re thinking of it, choose “get notifications” on Too Good to be Threw’s Facebook, too.  Note: if you already “like” a business page, you’ll get a slightly different popup box when you run your mouse across the word “liked”… choose all notifications, or the pencil icon to edit which types of posts you want to be notified of.


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Loved this parody of recipe videos on Facebook that I saw recently.TGtbT.com's swipe file video from August Oak Woodworks

August Oak Woodworks wrote:

This is something I came up with because my Facebook feed is constantly flooded with recipe videos and I thought this would be funny. Hope you enjoy.

The video is here.

(If that link doesn’t work for you, go to their Facebook page and scroll down to early December 2015. Facebook has issues.)

How could you use the recipe template (spritely music, few if any words, and crisp closeups) to get YOUR message across?

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I’m on a kick right now about using current news trends to let folks know about your shop. Take a gander at this ad campaign:

boycott black Thursday

Notice that this mega-chain is merely saying something which your shop probably can as well: closed on Thanksgiving, opening at X time Thanksgiving Friday. But they have aligned themselves with current news (about REI being closed on Black Friday) and used that trend to their advantage.

The emotion this announcement means to evoke? Gee, they’re really family-oriented. I think that’s great and I should shop DSW

Note also that this message is “signed” by their  CEO. Do you sign your announcements by your title?

Good swipe file material for your consignment or resale shop’s swipe file. Go visit Boycott Black Thursday on (what else) Facebook. Gather some ideas!


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