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Deja Vuesday

where you can visit a gently-used, blog post in case you missed it the first time. It’s even better the second time around.

What’s the one thing your small, local, financially-challenged business can do better than


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Fire up your color printer! I’m thinking some inspirational photos in sign holders around the shop might nudge a few sales hither and yon…. like:

Showing folks how


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An article in The New York Times on “brand authenticity” has me thinking about consignment and resale shops and the Shop Local campaigns.

Here’s the ending quote on a discussion of what authenticity means to the consumer, and I think it sums up what we, as shopkeepers, could take more advantage of than we perhaps do:

“It’s storytelling,” Ms. Bédat says. “It’s people getting to feel that connection and wanting to be part of it.”

What kind of story could YOU tell about your business? For example, the shop I founded will have its 40th anniversary in 2015, and here’s the building’s local history:

Now that’s something people would value: authenticity, time-honored, heritage… what is it about YOUR shop that would make potential clients feel that they’re dealing with, perhaps, an artisanal or traditional part of their local area? Participating in a time-honored “rite” of your community, affecting the well-being of your town?

Are you telling YOUR authentic story?

Read The New York Times article.

How your shop can promote… locally… shopping local.

Top 10 Reasons to Shop Local. And to Shop Resale, natch.

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Is your consignment or resale shop promoting gift cards for the holidays?

Whether you’re using stored-value cards or personally-crafted paper gift certificates, consider how this gift idea is perceived (more…)

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I love getting mail, don’t you? Even e-mail… when it’s from my consignment, thrift, and resale peers!

You can learn so much from the notices, newsletters, and info your counterparts send out. You really should, if you don’t already, add your name to others’ e-mailing lists and pay attention to what they tell their clientele.

Here’s a terrific example of an ideathat came to me via e-mail:

PRESELL your bags online for your next Bag Sale!

Pre-sell the bags for your consignment shop bag sale... online!

A non-profit, Career Wardrobe in Philadelphia, is doing just that. Their loyal followers can pre-purchase a bag for their sale for $20 online.

What a great way to get your customers to commit to coming to your sale (and maybe, even, inspire those who can’t come into making what amounts to a $20 donation)!

The shop doesn’t have a different price for online or at the door but I, personally, would… even just a $5 savings buying online versus at the door would motivate a lot of shoppers…

… and mentioning that “presold bag holders” get in the express entry line the day of the sale would REALLY motivate, don’t you think?

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