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A simple, earth-friendly, and genuinely-useful gift for that friendly shopkeeper down the road, or in the next town. Something your recipient will use over and over again, all year long.

That’s all you ask.

Bonus points if it can be made with little cash and a little loving attention.

This idea’s so simple, and so useful… you’ll want a set for your own shop as well. (Or, simply print this post out and leave it around the house. Chances are someone is wondering what you could possibly need for Christmas…) (more…)

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What NOT to Recycle

I know. All consignment, resale and thrift shopkeepers are fanatics about reusing, repurposing, recycling everything that can possibly have a longer useful life.

But there are some things you shouldn’t recycle.

Like: (more…)

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Educate yourself. Then educate your future customers and consignors with HowToConsign.comOne of the best things a consignment, resale, or thrift shopkeeper can do

 is to learn about the merchandise she/he sells.


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The English are SO much cooler about recycling clothes than we are. Here’s a great way to keep all those rock band, charity run, vacation T shirts from languishing in the landfill. Read about it.

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Describe your consignment shop in 15 seconds.Seriously. What’s your elevator speech?

Cocktail-party attention grabber? Pithy statement to newspaper reporter? Definition of your business to local blogger? Sound bite for the evening news?

What is it, exactly, that you DO?

Sell old clothes? Deal in secondhand furniture?

How catchy is THAT?

How about (more…)

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