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A simple, earth-friendly, and genuinely-useful gift for that friendly shopkeeper down the road, or in the next town. Something your recipient will use over and over again, all year long.

That’s all you ask.

Bonus points if it can be made with little cash and a little loving attention.

This idea’s so simple, and so useful… you’ll want a set for your own shop as well. (Or, simply print this post out and leave it around the house. Chances are someone is wondering what you could possibly need for Christmas…) (more…)

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miner canvas tentLet’s face it.

Sometimes we’d like to buy something other than Chinese cr#p at a soul-less big box, but no one (more…)

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Consignment and resale shopkeepers are COOL with CHEAPResale industry folks are known far and wide for being cheapskates.


Free, salvaged, donated is their favorite price, with a buck or two not far behind.

With that in mind, we consignment, resale, and thrift managers and owners still adore to shop. We just shop FRUGALLY. One of the most popular pages on the Too Good to be Threw web site is our Let’s Shop page with ideas of what to look for, from garage sales to seasonal clearances.

And one of the most cost-shaving Products for the Professional Resaler? Resale’s Cheapest Tricks & Best Buys from the Luncheonette page of TGtbT mini-Products (“cheaper than a grilled cheese sandwich“!)

Got a Cheapskate Choice of your own to add? How you recycle bubble wrap into “snow” for your ski window, the thrill of finding something on the curb, or how you repurposed a useless item into… well, something useful for your shop? Comment below and let’s hear

just how cheap you are!

(A word, though. This post is meant to be light-hearted, but there is a danger in being indiscriminately cheap. Read more on the difference between FRUGAL and TRULY BADLY CHEAP.)

BTW, this cool button graphic? Create your own for free at Cooltext.com. Imagine its uses!

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Educate yourself. Then educate your future customers and consignors with HowToConsign.comOne of the best things a consignment, resale, or thrift shopkeeper can do

 is to learn about the merchandise she/he sells.


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A perfect stamp for consignment, resale, and thrift shops

Put the ReSell...RePlace...ReJoice stamp of approval on your client communication

Carry the message of recycling one step further with these “Go Green” first-class stamps.

When (more…)

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moving out of the dorm: consign-a-lot!If your market area includes kids who live in dorms, student housing, or rentals, and if they’re leaving town, how can you consign or buy outright or receive (more…)

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She sells sea shells, which are nothing more than used clothes, right?Sell is a verb. So you don’t “price things for quick sell”, you price them for quick sale. It’s not a clearance sell. She sells sea shells all day long. The grouper offered her ten clams in exchange for the abalone soap dish. She wanted to sell it, so she accepted.

Sale is a noun. A sale is the total purchase, individually (She made a big sale of 27 sea urchins to one tourist) or as a group (She made a lot of sales at her sea shell booth.)

Sometimes, you (more…)

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