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Life presents us all with opportunities; and here’s my favorite:

. (more…)

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If you’ re a consignment, resale, or thrift shop, do you know how important your dressing rooms are? After all,

that’s where the buying decisions are made.

But yet, so many dressing rooms (more…)

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Do you have “be back” days? You know, those days when you have plenty of browsers, but few buyers?Be Back Coupons can save a sale... or make WOM buzz!

An acquaintance, with a browse-worthy shop in a tourist destination, said (more…)

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I went out this morning to mail my TGtbT.com orders, and encountered (more…)

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Fascinating business model, that even bricks-&-mortar stores can learn from. For example:

Site greys out until you cough up your personal info

You can’t shop (more…)

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Kerri wrote:

I offer free giftwrapping in my store.  We’re getting more and more customers ask if we sell cards–kid’s birthday, baby shower, etc. to go along with the wrapping, and we do not have any at this time.  Does anyone have a reasonably priced source for cards?  Thanks in advance.

I’m sure that some of our shopkeepers have some wholesale resources to share with Kerri, but here’s a nifty (more…)

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Cute idea I saw yesterday in a consignment shop.

They'd used pastel playing cards as earring cards!

They’d used pastel playing cards as earring cards!

They’d used pastel playing cards as earring cards.

They were simply in a rectangular box, but imagine how cute the idea would be clipped on a clothesline:

Pastel clothespins to display the carded earrings!

Pastel clothespins to display the carded earrings

I suspect the playing cards I saw were found at a dollar store, so keep an eye out. Imagine, that would be less than 2 cents per “earring” card!

Card photo from kardwell.com; clothespins available at Oriental Trading.


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