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From the author of The Big Book of Window Displays: The Art & Business of Irresistible Windows comes these examples:

Yes, you want your shop to look festive all the holiday season long. No, you don’t have much time, money, or space.

Well, here’s some inspiration you (with, maybe, a little help from friends & family!) can do in one hour, andleave up from now til 2016…

Christmas tree made of paper doilies

Like trees, but crave some eye-catching color in your display? Washi tape!

Washi tape makes a great Christmas tree for your consignment shop windows

Or maybe a festive valance would suit your shop’s branding better. Try ornaments:

Ornaments hung on ribbons trim your resale shop window quickly, and take up no room!

Or yard-sized candy canes!

Giant candy cane yard ornaments WOW in our consignment shop window

TRULY one-hour (or less!) is my favorite off-the-cuff holiday look. Take a big brush and some water-based paint, and do a big yellow star inspired by this heart.

A big beautiful yellow star will make your consignment shop's holiday window a knock-out!

If you have a steady hand, use this as inspiration for a window pen painting spree. Try three per window, high enough to not obscure your merchandise display:

Paint snowflake ornaments on your resale shop window

If you have a few minutes to spare,  leave tiny doodle messages in the corners of your mirrors throughout your shop:

Paint a little greeting on dressing room mirrors...

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Do you have a row of dressing rooms? How do you communicate which is which to staff and shoppers?

PLEASE tell me you don’t call them 1 and 2 and 3 and so on…

When you COULD be using them as another way to (more…)

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Saw this cute idea for a tiny Valentine’s gift,

and thought it could be perfect for (more…)

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Life presents us all with opportunities; and here’s my favorite:

. (more…)

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If you’ re a consignment, resale, or thrift shop, do you know how important your dressing rooms are? After all,

that’s where the buying decisions are made.

But yet, so many dressing rooms (more…)

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