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Bag sale ideas from TGtbT.comBag sale days can be wonderful for you and your clientele… but they can be a logistical nightmare. Lines, lines, everywhere lines…

Bag sales can also mean great income for your shop from scads of items that might have to be otherwise disposed of dumpster-direction. But hey, couldn’t your local charities use that stuff?

Here’s a way to address all 3 issues at one time:

1- Sell (more…)

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Looking forward to clearing out your racks of winter items this month?

Clearance sales, bag sales, dollar racks (which of course don’t have to be ONE-dollar racks) and BOGO events are great. So’s this idea, which I’d use NOW, before your clearance gets going seriously.

I call it the (more…)

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Nothing helps your bag sale, dollar racks, or BOGO events during seasonal clearance sale time like a window display that motivates! Here’s ideas from the TGtbT.com Pinterest Boards.

Simple and effective SALE display window for (more…)

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It’s getting close to time for your clearance sale in your shop… as you plan, don’t forget that your windows are a major traffic builder! Some inspiration from (more…)

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Consignment shops can benefit from seasonal salesLick ’em or join ’em:

what will you do about seasonal consignment sales?

They’re not going away. As a matter of fact, they’re growing.

And that includes adult seasonal sales as well.

You can lick ’em or join ’em.

The only thing (more…)

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