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Bag sale ideas from TGtbT.comBag sale days can be wonderful for you and your clientele… but they can be a logistical nightmare. Lines, lines, everywhere lines…

Bag sales can also mean great income for your shop from scads of items that might have to be otherwise disposed of dumpster-direction. But hey, couldn’t your local charities use that stuff?

Here’s a way to address all 3 issues at one time:

1- Sell (more…)

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Looking forward to clearing out your racks of winter items this month?

Clearance sales, bag sales, dollar racks (which of course don’t have to be ONE-dollar racks) and BOGO events are great. So’s this idea, which I’d use NOW, before your clearance gets going seriously.

I call it the (more…)

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Nothing helps your bag sale, dollar racks, or BOGO events during seasonal clearance sale time like a window display that motivates! Here’s ideas from the TGtbT.com Pinterest Boards.

Simple and effective SALE display window for (more…)

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It’s getting close to time for your clearance sale in your shop… as you plan, don’t forget that your windows are a major traffic builder! Some inspiration from (more…)

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Consignment shops can benefit from seasonal salesLick ’em or join ’em:

what will you do about seasonal consignment sales?

They’re not going away. As a matter of fact, they’re growing.

And that includes adult seasonal sales as well.

You can lick ’em or join ’em.

The only thing (more…)

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Ideas grow when you take a look at similar businessesOne thing about the Internet…you can tap into some of the most brilliant minds in the world from the comfort of your keyboard. And it’s especially rewarding when you

look at a business which has some traits in common with yours, but is a few degrees different,

because you get to become a consumer again, and look at the concept through fresh eyes.

Take this one for example: it’s a “seasonal sale” of sorts. But not a kidswear consignment sale full of clothes and gear, not even one of the many growing adult resale events, no, this is a sale of previously-enjoyed….event props. It’s called The ReEvent. (Update: site now kaput. You’ll have to imagine it.)

First, the web site itself. What can we learn?

  • The clean appeal of the uncluttered home page. The crisp white background and the collage of elements all in green is as far from “musty dusty” as possible.
  • A single line that motivates, and sums up the event: Feel good being GREEN while saving some GREEN.
  • Mailing list sign-up which is so much more: It’s an invitation; it’s an “RSVP” as they call it, which predisposes you to mark the event on your personal calendar; it’s the first page you come to on the menu; and it’s got a poll right there that is customer research and motivational at the same time (brilliant!) which, since it seems to be part of the sign-up process, is less likely to be skipped.

Next, the event and how it’s presented to their prospective consignors, shoppers, and vendors.

  • Cute names for 2 consecutive evening demos: All Things Green ~ All Things Bling
  • Contest: First, they enter online. Then everyone votes online. THEN the finalists are voted on at the event. Not sure how all of this works, but the whole contest is angled to get attention and audience participation and bodies to the event itself.

But…if you’ve been following me through the web site: just what is this event? A seasonal consignment sale for everything from wedding attire to cameras and chafing dishes, seashells and bolts of ribbon? A vendor event aimed at presenting event planners and suppliers to the public? A bridal fair?

Could be all of the above…wouldn’t you love to see how it all turns out?

(and BTW, if you’re near Overland Park KS, could be a great place to pick up some display props!)


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Louboutin stilettosWhat do you do when you want to expand your business but your market area is just too small for you? Even if it IS Los Angeles?

Or if you want to find better consignors?

You take it on the road.

Here’s the in-home purse party, the Avon or Tupperware party, taken to (more…)

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