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How many of your customers have mothers? Are mothers? Have people on their lives who are like mothers to them?

Changes are, 100%.

But heck, even if your stats are, say, only 86% have/are/love mothers….

that’s a whole lotta folks needing Mother’s Day Gifts Inspirations.

2018: Mother’s Day spending to reach $23.1 billion. According to NRF’s annual survey, 86 percent of Americans will celebrate Mother’s Day this year and spend an average of $180 per person.National Retail Federation

So let’s look at (more…)

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Azalea had SUCH a great idea: Invite fashion-savvy, outgoing, customers to create a look out of your merchandise in stock and model it for you… wow! Now this is a Kudos idea!

Kudos because:

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Too Good to be Threw's suggestions for resale shopsGive them a chance to make up their minds.

If you’re doing a Facebook Live or even a non-live video selling goods, why simply hold something up for 10 seconds then toss it out of view? Does that make sense? Would you do that in person? Insist they make an instant decision on buy/pass?

Is there a way, instead, that you can (more…)

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Fun idea for signage on your New Arrival rack, as seen in an outlet store near me. Remember, you can Learn A Lot when you’re out and about. (And it’s the perfect excuse to go shopping in stores other than your own!)

Great sign for your New Arrivals rack, suggests the TGtbT blog at TGtbT.blog

Don’t use a New Arrivals Rack (or area, if you deal in home decor) in your shop? Read about So many things in my life in consignment started out as a benefit to ME… and then I learned they were a BIGGER benefit to my customers.

And this reason why your loyal customers don’t stop in more often which I’m guessing has never occurred to you.

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Racks getting full? Can’t squeeze another thing on them?

Here’s my favorite solution.

Go vertical.

That’s right: hang (more…)

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Loving all the freshly-minted live videos so many front-runner consignment and resale shops are popping up with!

Fun to watch and shop with. Brave pioneers, I salute you. Here’s my wishlist for the second generation of this concept as owners and managers see what a great and fun way it is to sell this way!

Tips for producing a wonderful live FB selling video* Make sure we can hear you. More on this here.

* Don’t make your viewer seasick. Even the steadiest hand in your shop will quiver after a while. Use a tripod.

* Repeat repeat repeat. Item number? Price? Beginning and end of item presentation .
* Repeat HOW to buy and shop name as often as you can without being obnoxious (Even better: Create a backdrop for your “set” with this info. Or print up a poster for an easel next to the presenter.)
* Cue cards: If you are getting serious, make cue cards a third person can hold up off camera so the presenter doesn’t skip a great selling point. Like this maybe:
 Burberry trench, size 6, $239, item #34
* Perfect neutral color “Biscuit”
* Perfect 3/4 length: no catch in car door
* Zip lining for 3 season    
* Signature plaid
* Buckle belt or tie for casual flair
Burberry trench, size 6, $239, item #34
Keep your naturalness and spontaneity. We trust a “real” person more than a rigid news-reader type presentation. But be aware that some folks will be hearing your name, location and how to participate for the first time even if it’s 10 minutes into your video, so speak clearly.
Let folks know what’s coming up next time, and, if applicable, that there are a few items left from last live session, and tell them where they can see all your online offerings (better yet, have the URL on a card you can grab at the end of your video.) Sign off with a well-spoken reminder of who, where, when your shop is open! And of course a thank-you and a reminder that:
Thanks for watching MyShop’s live feed of this week’s E-Shopping Spree!
Get first choice on our group at [URL]
And remember, we have shown you a tiny fraction of the thousands of great items waiting for you at MyShop!
MyShop is located at […] and we’re open […]
Our next E-Shopping Spree will be on [day] [date] at [time] and we’ll be featuring [whatever!]
So join MyShop at [URL] and grab that stunning item before someone else does!


Lots more questions, so I hope some of our pioneering peers will answer in the comments below. Linking to other social media? Bookkeeping tips? What sells best? Can I rerun a live video that evening? Can I create this video offline then run as a regular video? Hope that some of you will share your experiences for other resale shopkeepers below! Feel free to add your URL to your helpful comments so we can shop with you, too!

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Resale, consignment, thrift jeans: Better by FAR!!!!It was bad enough when women’s jeans were sized in junior or missy sizes.

But adding the waist measurement, as they did a few years back? Madness.

Not to mentionthe variety of fit between manufacturers. And we ALL know that of all clothing, fit is the most important in denim. And that of all gently-used things to buy… jeans are the BEST.

So how’s a resale shopkeeper supposed to size her racks?

Jeans size markers at Found in CanadaDare you sort your sizing by XS/S/M/L/XL? I would, but some shopkeepers get intimidated by shoppers with “size prejudice”… you know, those customers who insist they are always a 00 and are offended that you include 0 in your XS section.

If that’s an issue with your staff you might want to do as Karin Smith of Found in Canada does: get out your Sharpie and make yourself some “equivalent” markers, so at least you can put the waist/size under one marker.

Need some size charts?

Here’s Miss Me.

And Gap.

And Levis.

EVERYone's confused!

EVERYone’s confused. And all they want is a pair or 3 of jeans that make them look fabulous…


It might be wise… or at least sophisticated… to have a framed equivalency chart for European sizing as well.


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