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I recently made the “acquaintance” of a great non-profit shopkeeper, Debbie Morrison, who runs three thrifts in Tennessee. She mentioned in passing a promotion her shop uses:

Mystery gift Thursday: Spend at least $10.00, get a free gift.

Her publicity for this free gift includes this lovely way to say “please no complaints over your free gift”:

“Free gifts are in a brown bag, no changes, if you can’t use it, please find someone who can.”

Since Serenity Thrift is a non-profit thrift operation, what to use for a mystery gift was a no-brainer. They’d received Avon products as a donation. Everyone can use a little Avon, right?

If your consignment or resale shop would like to use this idea, how about some purchased-for-resale accessories? What could YOU see your shop as using for this promotion? Comment below, and remember, you ARE allowed to put in a plug for your business!



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What shall I post on my social media today? Auntie Kate has some ideas...Tired of always posting “buy buy buy” messages in your social media? Believe me, your viewers/ followers/ fans are even more tired of reading nothing but these over and over.

Break up your blatant advertising with something social. Like tips, jokes, thoughts.

In fact, rule of thumb is, (more…)

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TGtbT.com uses Pinterest to prompt resale shopkeepers to visit the Products for the Professional Resaler Shop online.If your shop doesn’t already use Pinterest, I suggest that you start using it NOW.

It’s free as of this writing, it’s easier than Facebook or your blog, it’s quick… and you don’t even need to constantly come up with fresh ideas! When you don’t know what (more…)

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No, it’s not the dead of January or those slooww days in July. The scariest season of all is


Why? Because people love it…. more and more each year.  Because you have like THREE WEEKS or so to make or break (more…)

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Fire up your color printer! I’m thinking some inspirational photos in sign holders around the shop might nudge a few sales hither and yon…. like:

Showing folks how


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